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print 05 & converting 05 review: ink manufacturers showcase innovative new products and services as more than 62,000 attendees visit the show.

by:Arojet     2019-11-03
Print 05 and convert 05, held at McCormick Square in Chicago. 9-
This is an opportunity to look at the entire printing industry, where manufacturers showcase products for publishing, commerce, packaging and digital printers.
In a way, Print 05 also allows the show itself to present its new focus throughout the printing industry.
Graphic art exhibition company this year (GASC)
Running Print 05, the Converting 05 was added to its program, and an extensive wide format Pavilion and mailing and fulfillment center were provided for the printer.
The printing industry is developing, and as major print manufacturers such as Heidelberg and Kodak demonstrate their latest capabilities, the program allows printers to look at new technologies more fully.
The organizers were pleased with the number of people present, with more than 62 000 people on site, including a large international team.
Overall, there are 954 exhibitors, up from 893 in 2001, filling up nearly square feet of booth space.
\"This show is beyond many of our expectations,\" RegisJ said . \".
Del Montagne, president of GASC
\"We are actively responding to initiatives to significantly enter the packaging and printing industry and the success of exhibitors serving the industry, the increase in international attendance and the continued success of educational programs contributed to a very successful event for all participants.
\"For ink manufacturers, Print 05 & Converting 05 offers the ideal opportunity to showcase new products and services, and the companies that are really presenting make the most of it.
Judging from the reaction of the live ink executives, the performance was quite successful.
\"I think the Print 05 runs very well,\" said Kathy Marx, vice president and chief marketing officer of GASCchair and Flint Ink.
\"It\'s not so much quantity as quality.
The traffic is not large, but the people passing by are potential buyers, and the discussion among sellers is more meaningful.
\"This show is very good for us,\" said Michael Briis, president and chief operating officer of senior printing ink, which set up and presented the new color Resource Center in Print 05
\"We are very satisfied with the traffic.
We have a lot of clues.
How do we differentiate ourselves, see our value packs, and have our real-time color resource centers that are unique and generate a lot of interest.
The next day, some potential customers even came back to show us some of the problems they had.
\"Digital ink and hardware were also a feature at the show, and andexhibitors said they were happy with the results.
\"The Print 05 exceeded all our expectations,\" said the doctor.
Stack, president of Jetrion LLC.
Not only that, but it is important
Butour Jetrion 3025 inkjet system is of interest to users of our new ink products and services, and is a powerful one for those interested in applications from mailing to label printing etc.
The large number of leads generated at the show confirmed that inkjet is now explicitly accepted as a mature printing technology.
\"The show is great for us,\" said Bob link, marketing director at Fujiwara film.
\"Judging from the quality and quantity and the interest we get from traditional commercial printers, this is beyond our expectations.
\"The biggest news for the Ink industry is the merger plan between the Flint Ink and the XSYS printing solution.
At the press conference held on the opening day of Print 05 and Converting 05, Flint Ink CEO Dave Frescoln spoke about the recently announced merger between Flint Ink and xsys Print Solutions, under the leadership of CVC Capital Partners. Mr.
Frescoln will become the CEO of the new company, and MikeGannon will become the new chief operating officer and chief financial officer.
The merger was announced on August and approved by the regulatory authorities.
It is expected to take effect on the 26 th.
The new company began operations in October. 1.
CVC is a major shareholder with a minority stake in management.
\"The ink industry is very fragmented and our customer base is continuing to consolidate and needs global suppliers,\" he said. Frescoln said.
\"As far as coverage is concerned, we are married and will now have more geographic capabilities and a wider portfolio of products.
In addition, if we are going to enter the ink industry, we \'d better be able to produce pigments, and now we will have the ability to supply pigments globally. \" Mr.
Forrest corn said there may be more mergers for the new company, and he expects the new company to have a new name in the coming months.
\"CVC\'s strategy is to \'buy and built\', which is why they tie XSYS and Flint together . \"Frescolnsaid.
\"I\'m not sure this will be the last deal we will see;
We are also looking to Asia. \" Mr.
Frescoln also talked about CVC\'s final plan for the new company, which bought the new company for $2.
Sales in 2004 were 6 billion, with 8,000 employees on 160 websites, the second
The largest ink manufacturer in the world.
\"Private equity companies are making a profitable business, and I think it is safe to say that CVC will withdraw to some extent in the next three to seven years . \"Frescoln said.
As for leadership, the new company will have regional and global leaders: William Miller of Flint Ink)North America); Dr. HelmutSchmidt (Europe); Jerko Rendic (Latin America);
Damian Johnston (India/Pacific)
And Henry Liang (Asia)
They will continue to hold regional leadership positions.
From a global point of view, elwald Draiijer (narrow web)and Dr. Thomas Telser (Print version)
XSYS will continue to lead the global business unit. Dr.
Stack of Jetrion, a subsidiary of Flint Ink, will continue to lead the growing digital business of the new company.
Ink manufacturer\'s product introduction Print 05 & Converting 05 is ideal for displaying new products and services for printers.
Two new products, Arrowlith UV coldset Ink and Kohl & madden\' sliberty sheet paper Ink from Flint Ink, have gained valuea-
Look at the name of the executive outlook meeting held before the show.
Arrowlith UV cold Group Ink of Flint Ink also obtained the graphic art Technology Foundation (GATF)
This year\'s prestigious International Technology Award, which provides the ability to print on coating and super-calender inventory for coldset web printers, expands their presence and improves the printing room\'s
With Arrowlith UV ink, the coldset web printer can print the completecolor,high-
Roll newspaper inserts, Sunday festivals and other special items-house.
Printing with Arrowlith UV ink also improves the quality of traditional cold Group printing applications by creating images with clearer colors and higher gloss.
High printer
Finally, the production and environmental benefits through UV ink, such as the elimination of VOCs in the printing room, look very shiny.
Mike Green, vice president and general manager of Flint Ink\'s North American publishing and press Ink division, said the printer had successfully worked with Arrowlith UV Ink for two years, and the Ink in the newspaper even sparkled.
In fact, using UV, prininserts printedon newspaper inventory showed a significant difference.
\"Arrowlith UV ink has been tested for two years,\" he said . \"
\"When we started developing Arrowlith UV, it was questionable if there would be interest, but we developed it and ran it on six beta sites.
We studied the newspaper industry and worked hard to help the coldset printer print High
High quality business work.
I saw it at the chart fair on 2004 and I was very surprised by our sales.
You can use UV ink in the newspaper and the printer can still save money.
\"Kohl & Madden, a subsidiary of Sun Chemical, received aWorth-A-
Look for the name of its free sheet paper ink, which is a breakthrough, VOC-
Free technology with productivity and quality advantages.
The ink is designed to remain open under pressure without drying for a few days.
At the same time, however, once the substrate is printed, the production time is shortened, and the processing time is reduced, the ink will almost instantly dry while allowing the delivery of the finished product faster.
Free Ink is rapidly enhanced and very stable.
These two factors have greatly reduced the start-up.
Waste and run.
Brad Begi, president of Cole and mcden, said there was a strong interest in freedom.
\"Kohl & Madden has achieved great results on Print 05 as it allows us to show off our new free ink, one of the few breakthrough technologies launched at the show ,\"Bergey.
\"At the show, hundreds of printershave have placed orders to try out the product.
At the show, the news spread quickly, and we had something special, which led to an increase in traffic.
\"Today\'s successful printers strive to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs while delivering incredible service, flexibility and quality.
Freedom has evolved to help meet these challenges . \"Bergey said.
\"It provides unparalleled productivity and maximizes print quality, providing the most competitive ink products for commercial printers.
\"Kohl & Madden has also launched Marathon, a powerful new sheetfed inkseries that provides excellent reproduction even with random screening.
They have a wide stone window and long stayopenproperties.
In print 05, Sun chemistry North America released the hot solid type offsetprinting of launchultraprint ink Universal Ink and two Rycoline fountains to solve the problem due to the addition of thenewest people PrintEasy\'s full line products.
PrintEasy has a high-performance hot-oil ink and water source solution tailored for a wider range of paper stock bodies, without frequent ink replacement or ordering special ink formulations.
UltraPrint Universal is a premium commercial product for a wider range of substrates ranging from light to heavy-duty roll paper.
It provides improved point gain and grayscale balance for excellent color fidelity.
In addition, it has excellent gloss, friction and wear resistance, and has the finishing ability of varnish or UV coating.
Other prints include solar energy for newsprint, sunlight for SCA and LWC, and light to medium challenges --
Weight coated stock.
\"Our goal is to develop products that work with a variety of paper stocks and design around the terminal
Requirements for use, \"said Mark Levin, president of North American publishing ink.
\"Our printing line allows us to move towards our ultimate goal of being able to deliver high-quality inks from the printing line on the same day as ordering the printing line.
\"Sun Chemical also presents its new Rycoline fountain solution, the PrintEasy 2000 and 4000 series, specifically designed for the use of PrintEasy ink.
\"By developing our PrintEasy fountain solution, we can ensure compatibility, which is very effective for customers because it eliminates speculation . \"Levin said.
\"We know that ink and foundry solutions are compatible, which increases our ability to help printers maximize productivity.
We have achieved great success in launching these products.
\"In general, Sun Chemical is pleased with the response of its new products and services.
\"Sun Chemical is able to demonstrate the theme of its presentation that provides overall packaging,\" said Chris Morrissey, vice president of Sun Chemical marketing.
\"Our publishing inks are high for a variety-
Final application and provide fountain solutions with Rycoline to expand their printing lineup.
\"We also announced our first commercial installation of FastJet printing machines for digital printing on corrugated packaging and demonstrated a range of solutions we offer for brandsecurity,\" Mr.
Morrissey added.
\"Overall, I think how is very successful for Sun Chemical as the participating printers are looking for a purchase and many come to see us. Nearly two-
Third, they plan to buy ink products in the next three months.
Sun Chemical uses Print 05 as the focus of its North American marketing efforts in the second half of the year, as well as all the pre-
Both the display event and the advertisement were rewarded.
\"In addition to the Arrowlith UV series, Flint Ink has introduced a variety of new inks, including the new Arrowstar UV 7700 and EB sheetfedinks, the first thin-sheet printing Ink to utilize a technology similar to resin and photoinitiator, recently won the Flint Ink graphic/GATFInterTech Technology Award, which is the Excellence Award for Innovative Technology in the graphic communications industry.
After two years of testing, ArrowStar UV 7700 formula products have increased the productivity of a range of printers, including commercial printing, direct mail, folding cartons, labels and commercial form producers. The inks\' low-
Viscosity provides excellent delivery even at the highest pressure.
The test shows that the speed used for single sheet paper application is 18 000 iph, and the speed used for the form is 15,000 fpm, with excellent pressure stability and excellent printing quality.
Their low stickiness makes them ideal for a wide range of substrates, from coated paper and uncoated paper to coated paper and cardboard, to Corona paper and Corona paper-
Processed synthetic materials
For converters that use beam curing, Flint graphite water provides an equivalent EB Curing formula for a new ink.
ArrowStar EB ink with low stain and smell, easy to use, is the ideal universal EB ink for ice cream cartons, grain boxes, frozen food Caton and other food packaging applications.
Flint Inkalso, in partnership with the leading thermosolid printer, launched the new Arroweb ink system, a very powerful system, consistent and universal ink series, A new high standard of performance is set for the full range of hot solid printing applications.
Flint inkwork combines advanced proprietary resin chemistry with several leading high
Nationwide, batch printers for magazines, catalogues, newspaper inserts and other heating products tested the Arroweb ink system in their printing room operations.
NewArroweb ink system provides proven printing room advantages in all types of operations, including faster color start-up
Ups, excellent ink transfer and gloss, excellent ink
High water balance
Quality output, consistent color control and replication.
\"Our new Arroweb ink system provides unprecedented operational flexibility for heatset web printers to expand their business across new markets . \"Green said.
\"With Arroweb systems, they can transition more easily to different types of work, even with fewer ink sets, or switch to a new substrate, because they don\'t need to drastically change the way children\'s books or business work are printed. \" Hostmann-
Steinberg has many innovations in Print 05, starting with the announcement that the company will launch flexo inks in North America.
For the Flexo market, the company has introduced Hydrowell and top ink concentrate for coated and non-coated paper packaging.
We are introducing our water. and solvent-
Flexo Ink based in North America, \"said Winfried glue, President and CEO of Horsman. Steinberg Ink.
\"We have a lot of involvement in sheetfedora packaging and our new Hydrowell and top series will be added. \" Hostmann-
Steinberg also joined the digital ink market.
Its newDigi20 series is designed for Epson 4000, 7600 and 96000 inkjetprinters.
In particular, these colored inks have very strict QC controls to ensure consistent water drop reproduction and minimize print changes.
At the same time, DigiFlex-
The Gandi Jeti and mutoh Toucan grand format printers are the S-series designed for Vutek, offering a wider color range and greater point clarity, fast drying, with 18
Monthly shelf life.
\"We are working hard in OEM and after-sales market . \"Gleue said.
\"Numbers are becoming more and more important.
\"In addition to these new developments, Hostmann-
Steinberg has introduced a new metal ink, alchemy, created in partnership with Eckart and available in sheetfed, set and UV.
At a time when companies are more difficult than ever to get their business from their customers, many businesses are using services to differentiate their companies.
For example, the first industry
The time exhibitor at Print 05 highlighted its strict emphasis on quality and consistency and introduced its sheetfed and gold tank standard line for energy curing inks.
Kevin Yeazell, president of Handschy industry said: \"By participating in Print 05, we are expanding our national and international recognition and rebranding our company to demonstrate the consistency of our product line
\"We have developed new quality control procedures and standards for all our product lines, and with our gold tank standards, a reporter who opens our ink tank will ensure the same quality as last week or last year.
\"Vivo international ink company invites printers to come to its boothand and bring their printing problems to them, analyzed by the technical, product development and application experts of Vivo.
In the topics they talk about, random and high
Final printing, flexible packaging and ink distribution.
\"We welcome the printers to bring us their hidden printing room problems and our experts are able to advise on how to solve them,\" said Renee Etiopio, marketing manager for Vivo international ink.
\"The printers and converters have visited the booth for the live demo and our turnout is high.
This allows us to demonstrate the value we can provide.
\"Vivo International Ink also demonstrated its OPL distribution system, including its new Magnum ink cartridge paste ink dispenser
8-end color work, 10-and 12-color presses.
\"We have seen great interest in distribution technology this year, especially in Magnum dispensers,\" she said . \"Etiopio.
In addition, Gary Renick, his national security director, was honored by the printing and imaging Association (PIA)
Because of his excellent service.
Officials estimate that,
Reniker has hired more than 20,000 employees in his career.
\"It is a great honor to be recognized by my peers,\" Mr. Reniker said.
\"It\'s a great honor for Gary,\" said RickClendenning, President and CEO of the board . \".
\"He works very hard.
\"Excellent printing ink is very active in Print 05, starting with its profit plan, which is an extension of it for a long time
\"Modern technology/old service\" is the motto of the company.
\"The goal of forecasting profitability (P2P) is operational issues such as color management, system calibration, inventory control, workflow, pressure fingerprints, and other issues to optimize the manufacturing workflow and processes of printers
One of the services developed by premium products is its precision color mixing system (PCMS)
A small, proprietary-
Batch mixing and recycling systems and excellent ink management
On-site systems, or SIMONS, this is ideal-plants.
SIMONS provides billing, ink recipe database, computerized inventory management, work record usage, and management reports.
Printers can choose the services they need.
In order to emphasize its commitment to quality, the booth of the advanced printing ink has two color management stations with key technicians and quality control equipment.
\"Excellent printing inks have always been known for our quality and service,\" said Michael Brice, chief operating officer of excellence printing inks.
\"Our focus will always be on commercial, packaging and Flexo printers, and you have to understand the needs of your customers.
We are not just an ink company,
What sets us apart is our dedication to service and staff who make our company what it is today.
\"Many printers have been abandoned by their ink suppliers and downgraded to supply companies . \"Brice added.
\"We have a unique advantage in providing these services.
At the same time, we are also expanding our service scope and adjusting our products.
That\'s how we distinguish ourselves, and that\'s why the superior stays here.
Van Sen new oil with Dutch ink
Quickson PRO is an ink-based product for printing presses and applications of any size, which sets a benchmark for quality and is very competitive in price.
Like other ink manufacturers, Van Son invites printers to bring the problems they face in terms of ink performance on the printing press and to take advantage of Van Son\'s technical experts.
In recent years, with the development of digital technology, inkjet technology has a more powerful display in every printing exhibition, and print 05 is no exception.
JetrionLLC is active on Print 05, from the announcement due to triple
It has experienced digit growth in each of the first three years, and it will start moving its business to a facility in MI Ypsilanti in early 2006, with space from the itscurrent building
The new facility will provide Jetrion with an underground area of 35,000 square feet, and the company can choose an additional 35,000 square feet.
Most of the new space will be used to accommodate a substantial expansion in the manufacturing capacity of Jetrion inkjet ink.
The new factory will be key to the Jetrion new UV3000 custom Mink Project, which is the company\'s unique approach to inkjet ink manufacturing, and jetrion works with end users, develop customized UV inks for specific substrates and applications.
The Uv3000 Custom Ink project focuses on the company\'s inkjet technology, research resources and a wide range of fields
Provide customized experience in inkjet production
Develop inkjet ink for specific applications on almost every type of film, foil or paper substrate.
He said: \"There is no question about whether inkjet is effective . \"Stack.
\"The question now is which product is suitable for the customer.
If the customer sends the substrate or color, we will match our ink.
We have created a series of formulas that can be mixed together, eliminating the customer\'s concerns about whether inkjet can work on its substrate.
The substrate is one of the things that the customer assigns to the printer, and we can create the perfect ink for them.
\"It takes a lot of effort, but it\'s definitely worth it . \"Stack added.
\"We have helped solve their problem with two printers.
Also on Print 05, Jetrion introduced the first low in the industry
VOC solvent inks for continuous inkjet printers enable commercial printers to significantly reduce VOC levels in binding and printing environments.
Their factory environment has significantly reduced VOC levels, using Jetrion\'s low VOC companies
VOC inks in Bit Jet, jetray, print pro and BX printers are immediately able to expand production operations within their facilities and remain within strict VOC emission limits.
Jetrion also announced the availability of Jetrion 6500, a new set of widths
Format solvent ink for xa-
Printers for the production of outdoor products such as billboards, external signage, buses and building packaging.
NMPfree Jetrion 6500 real solvent ink improves printer performance by increasing print head opening time, reducing Clogged nozzles and reducing print head maintenance, and is made with a car formula
Excellent light resistance and complete grade 2 pigment
Outdoor weather for one year.
FUJIFILM Sericol has an active Booth as it runs the Inca Turbo andSpyder wide format Press.
The Spyder 320, which the company recently partnered with Inca Digital, provides half the footprint of IncaTurbo at about half the price of $325,000.
It is equipped with two additional ink channels, light cyan and light magenta, and Uvijet UV-using FUJIFILM Sericol-
Digital ink can be cured.
\"Customers are looking for high quality,\" said Bob Linck, marketing director at FUJIFILM Sericol . \".
\"The Inca turbocharged printer produces 1,700 square feet per hour with high quality (up to 1200 dpi)
Far exceeded the current standards.
Our printder printing quality and speed reach 550 square feet per hour.
We believe that the speed and quality of Spyder is suitable for the mid-market.
Series market and make Spyder the best of its kind.
Fujifilm also demonstrated upgrading its system to 6-
The first color of Inca and Mr.
By 2006, FUJIFILM Sericol is expected to be able to provide the ability to print white ink, Linck noted.
Fujifilm also introduced the color series of solvents
Based on digital ink, its mileage has increased by more than 20% compared to competitive ink. The Micro-Vsub-
Micron-scale dispersion technology ensures maximum pigment load, high flexibility and unparalleled color consistency.
Aellora Digital shows off its gitelkin range of solvents-
Liquid ink for various piezoelectric mod Inkjet arrays. Thesefast-
Dry ink for a wide variety of porous and semi-
Porous substrates, they have no HAPs at all.
Eastman Kodak has launched a variety of innovative products to help customers demonstrate the most comprehensive printing operation solutions in the industry-
From business management to pre-press to press room.
\"Kodak has made great progress this year in achieving our vision for the graphic communications market,\" said JamesLangley, president of the Graphic Communications Group (GCG)
Senior Vice President Eastman Kodak.
Kodak\'s new products and services include the HybridOffset/Digital Press and the Kodak Versamark vx5000 e printing system.
Kodakdemonstrated presents the Müller Matini Concepta hybrid offset/digital printing featuring Kodak Versamark continuous inkjet technology.
There are two high pressures.
Speed Kodak D-
Series print head for printing variable information-
With four lines
Print a color offset press at 1,000 feet per minute.
The Kodak Versamark vx5000 e printing system is now commercialized and combines the latest developments in Kodak continuous inkjet printing.
The effective resolution of the Vx5000 edeli is twice that of the previous generations of continuous inkjet printouts, effectively combining high print quality and high productivity that support various print formats.
Agfa presents its Grand Sherpa universal AM solvent-
Fourth, based on inkInk generation.
Gsu am ink is cyclohexanone and n-
Methylpyrroypone (NMP)
Free of charge and combine excellent print quality with improved print performance and scratch resistance.
Eckart is active on both the stand and withfx, showcasing the latest product innovations in the company\'s history.
For MetalFX, Eckart introduces the new MetalStar MFX 06 9000 nl standard offset Silver
Silver ink with unique optical and capture performance.
The company has also launched MetalStar MFX Gold.
MetalFX is showing off its new gold
System based on Print 05.
\"We are currently in beta testing of gold, which should be launched in early 2006,\" said Andrew Ainge, managing director of Metalfx . \".
\"It doubled our color palette between silver and gold to 208 million colors, and gold provided a deeper range of colors.
\"DayGlo shows StarFire II, its next-generation litho ink and base with excellent viscous stability, right and wrong
Chalking, provides simple transfer, faster solidification and drying, advanced flow properties, reduced vocs and ultra-low emulsion properties.
By improving the transmission, StarFire II allows the printer to get a stronger color in a single bump.
In addition to MetalFX, Eckart presents its new TopStar Heatset 06 Series color metal ink
Effective alternatives for stamping metal paper or foil, as well as its experimental metal staruv 21 series
Packaging ink and MetalStar 06-7000 NL, ahigh-Non-performance
Leave silver ink.
The EMD chemical is closely related to its effect pigment, including its Miraval Pearl series, especially the pigment preparation developed for the manufacture of the effect ink and offset coating.
Pearls are free.
The flowing particles are dust.
Free and optimized dispersion while enabling foaming and removalaeration time.
The Miraval series, which includes starry sky flash based on calcium-aluminum-boron-Silicon platelets, is ideal for screens, flexo prints, offset coatings and inks;
Miraval 5411 magic white;
Miraval 5420 magic gold;
Miraval 5424 magic blue and Miraval magic copper.
Other ink companies at hand include XINK, an expert in RFID solutions, which, together with Kodak Graphic Communications Group, has launched a new class of flexible RFID antenna printing inks.
The new XINK antenna ink integrates the seamless concealed marking technology to prevent copying, thus eliminating the possibility of counterfeiting.
Overall, the combination of Print 05 and Converting 05 was successful.
Although the next printing exhibition will be held in 2009, the GASC and the Flexo graphic Technical Association (
FTA announced the plan for PackPrint during Print 05, a 2007 exhibition that combines packaging printing and conversion.
At the same time, 2006 Graphic Expo and conversion Expo will be held in October. 15-
At McCormick square in the south of Chicago.
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