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PRIMIR to carry out the development trend of future inkjet technology research

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
In recent years, no matter how small or large companies in the printing, packaging, market and other market increased the investment of inkjet technology. To assess the potential of inkjet technology rise, PRIMIR special entrust the I. T. StrategiesofHanover conducted by '2008 - Inkjet technology development trend in 2011 'the study of the topic. This research will PRIMIR all the members is excluded, the target lock in sign, the artistic image, packaging, decoration textiles and industrial products/five key markets such as plating product. 我。 T. Strategies of survey: inkjet technology has an important role in these markets do, it can meet customers' various needs. In the application of inkjet technology and can make people feel comfortable. Why use inkjet technology? Inkjet is digital printing to coincide with the traditional printing work and the quality and development of a technology, it can provide all the digital printing process. In addition, inkjet technology to fast and large format printing together. To the ink-jet printing can adapt to various substrates and can provide all kinds of market with technology choices. Ink jet printing technology is mainly divided into three categories: thermal ink jet technology, piezoelectric inkjet technology and continuous inkjet technology. PRIMIR hope all these three inkjet technology can in the future, the commercial and industrial markets including because of piezoelectric inkjet technology compared with thermal ink jet technology and continuous inkjet technology, able to adapt to more types of chemical ink, so it has greater development potential, can open up a new market. Large capacity industrial type piezoelectric inkjet technology is the characteristics of big produce only a few calories, consume little energy, and has a longer service life. Some members joined the NPES application new market and new development of ink-jet system. Ink-jet printer manufacturers have developed a complete and independent and automatic control performance of block printing drive and semi-automatic independent ink or integrated system. Ink-jet printer manufacturers on the market at present is mainly divided into two categories: early type of ink-jet printer manufacturers, such as HP, Canon, and LEXMAX mainly sell products to home users; The other type of ink-jet printer manufacturers, such as FujifilmSpectra/Dimatix, konica minolta, panasonic and Toshiba TEC, no larger market base, they almost from the start of a business is facing regular application and new customers. DainipponScreen and Sun/Inca company produces the integrator is not just to sell this complex matrix system. Integrator for the ink-jet printer, computer motherboards, information processing system and application software integration into a working system. Chemical ink manufacturers ( Cooperation or independent) Will sync with ink-jet printer manufacturers, for the new system is being developed in the ink. Under ideal conditions, ink manufacturers should keep up with the pace of the ink-jet printer manufacturers, research and development of new type of ink. This system there is only one purpose - to large-scale development market. Information processing system suppliers to develop inkjet before and after the inkjet information control equipment, they can work with the development of ink-jet printer or integrator. Marketing: marketing firm should be referred to the Heidelberg company, to provide products to target users, and obtained a certain recognition. All in all, the company can also be integrated or supply inkjet system. Customer: in general, ink jet printing to special market level into a new, unknown, began to look for target markets in research and development stage. In 2007, the world in inkjet technology investment has more than 3 billion dollars. Some buy the user to the secondary development of inkjet equipment, to look at the printing, packaging and industrial/plating product market.
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