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Precise positioning of small and micro products, inkjet printers achieve perfect marking

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
Small-character inkjet printers are used in the production lines of the cable industry and the pipe industry. The surface of these products is continuous. The inkjet printers need to carry some meter-counting auxiliary equipment or their own functions to mark such products. In addition to cable and pipe products, some small and micro product production lines have gradually used inkjet printers for product identification. The most common is the production line of electronic components. Most electronic components are very small products, and identification tools are needed to find a suitable place on a small surface for product identification. However, small character inkjet printers are usually suitable for production lines. These inkjet printers need to break through two aspects in the identification of electronic components. One is to produce tiny marking characters, and the other is to accurately identify the product Positioning. The difficulty of identifying tiny products lies in the precise positioning of the products. The positioning of the logo, meter counting and other functions require the cooperation of the product's internal software and some external equipment to ensure the final effect. The small character inkjet printer has a wealth of product interfaces reserved when designing, so that the inkjet printer can be infinitely expanded in subsequent use. When the printer cooperates with the external equipment, when the specific position of the product appears under the printer nozzle, the printer will receive a signal, prompting the printer to mark the product, and the printer is at In this product mode, the logo is generated, while ensuring the uniformity of the product logo.
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