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PM520 inkjet digital printing machine to display the national news

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
On November 14, the 4th all India exhibition will be opened in Shanghai new international exhibition center, the purple light machinery co. , LTD. (Shanghai Hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai purple light) Will display the first made in cooperation with Peking University founder digital printing machine; ; PM520 inkjet digital printing machine. According to the Shanghai violet light technology development department manager Mr ShiJianBing about, this is Shanghai violet light into the field of digital inkjet digital printing presses, has a certain symbolic significance. Are different from previous printing machinery, the machinery in the design, material more accord with the modern aesthetic, more full of modern flavor, suitable for any work environment. Founded in 1986 by Peking University founder group investment, relying on Beijing university, founder owns and create is very important to the development of Chinese IT, medical pharmaceutical industry's core technology; Interpretation is that the Chinese government to innovation concept enterprise as the main body, one of the market as the guide, a model of university-industry cooperation enterprises. Shanghai purple light machinery co. , LTD. , formerly order books machinery factory, founded in 1951, Shanghai was the national machine mechanical and electrical department subordinate enterprises; Renamed in 1992, now belongs to Shanghai electric industrial plate printing and packaging machinery, one of the group. CPP114
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