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Plastic or will become the future digital main substrates _ printing equipment, printing ink jet printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Takeaway: maybe, the future digital printing without plate, in paint, ink and other material will appear the image on the paper and other substrates. Plastic will be the main substrates. One of the best printing industry in the future is those who look long-term enterprise. Traditional followed the industry's business model has not been able to play a bigger role. Because they don't know where the development. Here will sum up the future trend of the development of printing industry. 1, digital printing is printing now and in the future, but it is in the form is different with now. 2 should be is a supplement to the offset printing, digital printing, and intaglio printing, screen printing and flexible printing. With 3, digital printing, without plate, with paint, ink, and other material will appear the image on the paper and other substrates. Plastic will be the main substrates. 4, digital printing eliminates the well-known printing preparation time, thanks to the advantage of on-demand services. 5, all printing process soon will use the same digital infrastructure. Every process has a workflow file support. 6, content creators can now control workflow, to integrate all of the required production process and a complete work process, such as typesetting, sculpture, color separation, proofing and other prepress process, etc. After the printing is the details of work. 7, dramatic changes have taken place in the competition situation of printing industry, marketers will cost spent on multimedia advertising, reduced investment in printing itself. 8, printers bought some digital output devices to meet the needs of the previously occupied by offset printing business. 9, the network laser printers pick to challenge for photocopying business; Photocopying business to digital printers to challenge; Digital printers to challenge for offset printing business; The inkjet printing launched a challenge to all the technology. Inner Mongolia morning network
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