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Payment Label Printer with Chasing Rod to Meet Customer's Individual Demand


Today, when it comes to payment code, I believe you are not familiar with it. It gives the market a lot of convenience. It is a way of payment for online payment software such as WeChat and Alipay. It is convenient and fast. Of course, these payment methods are to use mobile phones to scan the two-dimensional code to complete payment, and pay for two-dimensional code, which is a very popular coding method on mobile devices. It can store large amounts of information data types. To achieve the effect of "one thing, one code" always depends on the payment label printer in the mechanical labeling industry, which is highly praised by the vast number of consumers and favored by more domestic enterprises.

Large payment label printer performs non-contact spray printing. Real-time spray printing information is suitable for high-speed production line, improving production efficiency, clear and clean marking effect, multi-line and long-range information on-demand spray printing, which can be directly sprayed on the surface of different material products and is not easy to forge. At present, the more controversial is the application of variable two-dimensional code. After printing, the reserved position is sprayed with two-dimensional code jet printer. The whole set of equipment includes UV jet printer, feeding platform, plasma surface treatment, LED curing lamp, high-precision jet printing processing, no white leakage, no check line, and the transaction can be completed by scanning the payment tag through the micro-messenger on the mobile terminal when paying for the transaction. It is convenient and convenient. Quick.

Arojet’s Inkjet printer has intelligent variable data, high-speed printing and Internet industry grow synchronously.To be get benefit from negative pressure intelligent control,inkjet supply system of payment label printer is accurate and stable, high-speed printing quality, high-speed data processing accuracy, high-speed data processing ability and accuracy. It is a commercially available jet printing equipment with high performance-price ratio.

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