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Pay attention to body protection when using inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-07-27

The inkjet printer is a high-tech mechanical product, and its design does not pose a threat to the human body. In the process of operation, ink and solvent need to be added to successfully complete the printing process. As an important part of the completion of the logo, the ink contains a certain amount of heavy metals and chemical and organic components that are harmful to the human body due to the special needs of the logo. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the protection of the exposed parts of the body and the eyes when using it. Take protective measures for your body. When the ink and solvent are in a relatively closed state when the inkjet printer is running, the volatilization of the organic chemical components is carried out all the time, especially in the hot summer. Therefore, we need to implement the following specifications. Pay attention to protect your eyes. When the machine is running, wear safety goggles when maintaining the nozzle. When additives get into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water as soon as possible, and then seek medical attention immediately. Avoid physical contact with consumables. Smoking near the machine is strictly prohibited. Do not swallow ink or additives, if it happens, seek medical attention immediately. When using the machine, keep the nozzle away from the container with flammable liquid. Avoid ink and additives contact with skin, avoid inhalation or swallowing. The waste and expired consumables generated during use should be stored carefully. Avoid using the machine in places with ignition sources, open flames, high temperatures and sparks.

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