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Packaging woven bag inkjet printer ink online content printing

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Woven bags are objects for product packaging, which give great convenience. They need to be printed on the woven bags. The packaging woven bag inkjet printer can print such content as barcodes, QR codes, production dates, and LOGOs, except for printers. It is necessary to use the inkjet printer, the inkjet printer is matched with the platform to transport empty woven bags or packed woven bags, which can print codes at high speed and efficiency, and can achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting and traceability. Common woven bags, also known as snakeskin bags, are a type of plastic. The raw materials for packaging are generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic materials. Plastic woven bags are composed of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags according to the main materials; according to the sewing method, they are divided into seamed bottom bags and seamed bottom bags. At present, it is widely used as a packaging material for fertilizers, chemical products and other items. The main production process is to use plastic raw materials to extrude the film, cut, and uniaxially stretch into flat filaments, and then weave the products through warp and weft, which are generally called woven bags. Packaging woven bag inkjet printer identification equipment (woven bag inkjet printer) can automatically and quickly print barcodes, QR codes, database, date, time, batch number, shift and serial number, etc., Arnoldjet SP-8000UV inkjet printer It has the characteristics of stable ink path, convenient installation, and side printing. It can be operated online or offline according to the industry and product type. It is an ideal mechanical coding equipment for printing on outer packaging boxes of various materials. The inkjet printer is all imported industrial piezoelectric nozzles, imported environmentally friendly UV inks, and the printing speed can reach 45 meters per minute, and the coding effect is highly effective.
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