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Packaging box inkjet printers are popular in the field of packaging and marking

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
As the name suggests, the packaging box is a box used to package products. The same packaging box inkjet printer is a coding equipment that marks the surface of the packaging box. Many product packaging boxes need to mark the production date, batch number, Chinese and English, bar code, and two. The series of equipment adopts imported Konica, Ricoh and Kyocera nozzles, such as dimension codes, pictures, etc., and the patented nozzle structure design, with a service life of more than ten years, safe software guarantee technology, unique ink circuit control technology, and modular Structural design and other advantages. Usually, the equipment that uses ink to directly mark the product packaging always chooses the packaging box inkjet printer supplied by the manufacturer to process it, which makes the products even larger. I believe that the inkjet equipment machinery industry will usher in a green revolution in the market. For example, the manufacturer originated from Germany's advanced technology, imported core accessories, and exquisite production technology, leading the industry trend. The machine can achieve a stable high-speed printing of 45m/min, a full-automatic solution, and the printing speed of its peers. Always customer-centric, solve customer needs with heart, implement fast after-sales service (active response in 15 minutes, solution in 2 hours, on-site service in 8 hours). A diversified platform can be tailored to facilitate online installation in various The packaging platform and box inkjet printer are even more distinguished, leading the industry's cutting-edge inkjet printing effect, so that your products exceed customer expectations.
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