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Packaging and printing development of new technology makes the product manufacturing enterprise gradually turned to innovation to enhance the brand value by way of printing. As a result,

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Many printing enterprises on the basis of using traditional printing technology, begin to apply ink jet printing technology product packaging and printing. To cope with a short version of the packaging and printing business as white ink, silver metallic ink and the development of special substrates, packaging and printing began to open wide inkjet printing. Although simulation printing in packaging and printing production still dominant, but more and more printing enterprise began to look for cheaper, more efficient method to change the past to adopt traditional printing printing patterns of various kinds of jobs. At present, many packaging and printing enterprise, has started using wide inkjet printers for digital proofing, packaging design and print the small batch jobs to meet the needs of short version of the packaging and printing. In the digital printing technology has been widely accepted in the field of label printing at present, wide inkjet printing technology is also gradually into the packaging area. Today, some packaging and printing enterprise saw inkjet technology advantage in the field of packaging, because they can be obtained by digital printing quickly and economically packaging printing proof and models. Digital packing technology through the production of a small amount of living thing that helps businesses in regional market sales forecast, then consider whether to use the traditional printing process for bulk packaging printing. Traditional printing way in such a short version of the high cost of living production obviously. The inkjet printing process is simple, short production cycle, also can add and modify printing information at any time. At the same time don't have to worry about the problem of delivery date. New inkjet ink and ink printability is a critical component of inkjet printing, it not only determines the quality of inkjet image, also determines the shape of the drops, and the reliability of the printing system. With the development of the inkjet ink, wide inkjet printing technology mature gradually. Printing enterprise can use wide with white ink and silver metallic ink solvent inkjet printer for packaging proofing, or use a printer, laminating machine, paper cutter production short version of the label. Now, solvent inkjet printer can effectively cope with the short version of this market, low cost, rate of personalized printed labels and packaging. Wide inkjet printing technology can be applied to packing area also depends on the emergence of new substrates, because the ink-jet printing an important advantage is the ability to implement may print on special medium. Such as soft white film packaging, can adopt solvent inkjet printer. In addition, the solvent inkjet printer can print directly on the shrinkage film, packing model and short version printing, after printing, remove the film from the temporary support, cutting, contraction on the packaging. Worth the investment of wide inkjet printers in the past few years, wide inkjet printing has made significant progress in the field of packaging, the future will become the indispensable part of a packaging and printing. For many printing enterprise, wide inkjet printers as a step towards digital printing is worth the investment. As the short version of the assignments from the traditional printing press to wide inkjet printers, printing enterprise can quickly see return on investment. Wide inkjet printers operability is to reduce labor costs. Such as a value of 2. The breadth of the $50000 inkjet printer, is part of its profits to the compared with the traditional printing machine to reduce labor costs. Operator to generate ready to file, select print on inkjet printer, later to take to transfer, the whole operation process is very simple. In more and more printing enterprise acquire digital printing equipment to supplement the traditional printing business at the same time, they also began to study digital process, understand the prepress workflow, use RIP software, and learn how to use white ink and metallic color is water as well as substrates on special printing. With the popularity of wide inkjet printing in the field of packaging and printing, use only the traditional printing process of printing enterprises will gradually realize that they are at a disadvantage. Accuracy and personalized wide color ink-jet printing technology to further application in packaging market, must satisfy the high requirements of the industry of color accuracy. A new generation of solvent inkjet ink can be up to 10 kinds of color, including optional white ink, silver metallic ink and light black ink, can realize solvent inkjet printer couldn't realize color gamut. Today, almost all consumer goods packaging are custom-made, fine products. If you want to succeed in this market, wide format inkjet printers, also must have a flexible solution. Suppliers to continue to listen to and help solve various problems for the customers in packaging and printing, such as response to increasing the high cost of short version printing, more the needs of the target market, higher operating costs, such as color printing machine's reliability and accuracy. Has a higher ratio of solution to get more profits, the industry is know more and more wide inkjet printers can bring advantage. Wide inkjet printing technology for packaging and printing enterprise offers a new good choice, it can be done by rapid conversion and timely delivery of the production, and greatly save costs by reducing inventory. In the near future, wide inkjet printing will become a mainstream technology and adopted by packaging printing, packaging market play an important role in the future.
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