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Over the next four years packaging market for digital printing will be increased to up to three times the _ packaging, digital printing, inkjet printing, network printing, printing equipment _

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
While under the control of the cost advantage of offset printing, good external economic environment and the food in China printing industry overall upward industry environment, the digital printing to closer and convenient people's life has received the widespread attention according to the survey, the development of digital printing in China firstly start from Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, and made a rapid development in a short period of time. Big city demonstration effect, and so did the domestic investor enthusiasm for digital printing, other regions at present, the digital printing equipment sales is being carried out all over the country, most large and medium-sized cities have a digital printing machine distribution throughout the country. Due to the financial crisis to various industries, the traditional printing industry has also been a great deal of impact, caused the traditional printing enterprise business serious decline. At the same time, digital printing, though has also been a certain impact, but less affected. Therefore, the digital printing technology is gradually increasing market share, lead to digital printing printing industry in the future become a trend. With drinks and home decor products and similar products to the rising number of small, regional processing part of the new company would not buy from multinational companies packaging products, this is for domestic packaging digital printing brought new market opportunities. Is expected over the next four years packaging market for digital printing will be increased by 3 times to the present, then the growth rate of or will be faster. Along with the digital printing equipment and digital printing technology constantly improve and improve, the market for digital printing process accelerating, perfecting digital printing market in China. The trend of the development of digital printing, digital printing quality and speed continuously improve; Postpress intelligence, automation, can online binding; Digital printing sheet-fed printing cost will be reduced, the digital printing office market share will continue to expand, and with the constant improvement of the market for digital printing, digital printing market will be further subdivided; The network printing; Ink jet printing technology rapid development, and at lower costs at the same time, quality and speed will improve. Business club
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