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Optical Quantum new waterproof inkjet printing _ waterproof inkjet printing CD disc production line

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
Optical Quantum new developed waterproof inkjet printing CD/DVD/BD disc production lines. Optical Quantum Liquid - of the company 防御( OQBP) Waterproof can print CD disc is in the field of printing, the Liquid - 防御( OQBP) Product launch bring revolutionary breakthrough in CD inkjet printing field. The OQBP waterproof can print CD surface adopts the new nanotechnology, to ensure the disc surface printing effect, at the same time to achieve the function of waterproof, prevent scratch. Before this, the traditional can print CD due to come into contact with water, disc surface will appear fade, color is dissolved by water. OQBP waterproof printable disc changed all that. Provides up to 4800 dpi print coating, disc surface rendering. Immediately after the completion of the compact disc printing, surface drying, and at the same time has the waterproof effect. Of course OQBP waterproof can print CD in addition to the brilliant printing surface, OQBP CD to provide users with better reliability, high standards of repeat playback capability and long life. China packaging net
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