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One thing one code traceability inkjet printer is an inevitable trend in the food industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
Food issues involve people's livelihood. From the country's increasingly strict regulation of food issues, we can see that the country is determined to control food safety. It is also imperative to apply one-code printers in the food industry. From the beginning of the construction of the Internet of Things data platform to the real start of product traceability, our one-item one-code traceability inkjet printer has been constantly improving with the advancement of the times and technology, in order to achieve a good traceability effect, not only in The daily necessities industry, the cosmetics industry, and the pharmaceutical industry also include the food industry related to people's livelihood. Due to the differences in packaging materials and production line conditions, we are constantly adjusting and improving. Currently used in the food industry, the traceability code printed by the one-object one-code traceability printer includes barcodes, two-dimensional codes and the new quantum cloud code. The purpose of various forms of traceability codes is to achieve traceability and ensure food quality. Security service. One object one code traceability inkjet printer can be directly installed and used on the food packaging assembly line, and because of its one object one code feature not only makes the traceability of the product more convenient, but also strengthens the anti-counterfeiting of the product. Each product has a traceability code. It is not the same. This allows manufacturers to manage their products rationally, and at the same time eliminates the possibility of fraud by other manufacturers. For consumers, purchasing well-documented products can increase consumer confidence.
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