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One item, one code EBS handheld inkjet printer smart logo

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
Nowadays, the development of Internet + QR code technology is rapidly advancing the integration of economic information technology, and enterprise production has also entered the era of the Internet of Things, and inkjet printers have gradually become one of the equipment for various enterprises to achieve visual management. One item, one code is a unique barcode, two-dimensional code or variable two-dimensional code, directly generated and quickly printed on the product or packaging to establish a product safety traceability system. Through data collection and product information entry, the EBS handheld inkjet printer can print two-dimensional codes/bar codes to realize information visualization. For traditional online inkjet printers, EBS handheld inkjet printers are flexible, It can be marked on different sizes or products. The EBS portable inkjet printer is small in size and has strong expandability. It can be connected to the enterprise system in real time to help customers take the lead in connecting with Industry 4.0. It has double the printing height, whether it is Chinese, English, digital, QR code or copy The company LOGO can be easily printed. In terms of operation, the EBS handheld inkjet printer reflects the German craftsmanship level. In addition to WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., it has its own LCD touch screen. Editing, content adjustment, parameter setting, etc. can be completed directly on the inkjet printer equipment without additional It is designed to have a long battery life, which other portable inkjet printers do not have. It can work continuously for up to 16 hours on a single charge. Due to the need to print two-dimensional codes, barcodes or other content on different products or materials, the requirements for ink are relatively high. EBS inkjet printers are equipped with fast-drying inks, which dry within a few seconds after printing, and the printed information is complete and beautiful. , Strong adhesion, whether it is transported or stored for a long time, the printed information will not shift back, and it can easily identify information such as QR codes. The function of the smart inkjet printer is to enhance the brand image through standardized logos. At the same time, the batch number and production date can be printed on the product to strengthen the management of the product. Consumers can distinguish authenticity.
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