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Nilpeter large-scale exhibition UV flexo and digital inkjet technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
In 2008 the United States international labels show kicked off, Labelexpo美国) ( B hall, booth 3105/3205) 。 Nilpeter at more than 600 square meters large booth, again tops international labels show large scale, new technology exhibitors booths. The highlight of this year show labels and packaging production line including the new version of the FB series of flexo, FG combination of global printing machine as well as in the United States appeared specially designed for web printing platform of industrialization of Caslon four color digital inkjet printing machine. < / P > < P > on FB 3300 UV flexo label and package printing of new composition unit modular FB - UV flexo machine LINE series of eight FB3300 printing field show, highlight a new design of the printing unit, the new design can be implemented more quickly prepared debugging and anilox roll change device. These servo press roll width can be up to 16. 5 inches, and the speed can be up to 750 feet per minute. The UV unit is equipped with water cooling roller can better qualified for the printing of heat sensitive materials. Can be combined wire screen printing, hot stamping, etc. The embedded mode. FG - new UV flexo machine Nilpeter shows new FG - series Series printer, live demonstrations of thin film, paper and adhesive 8 color UV flexo. New concept combines a great success in the market of the FA and the advantages of FB series printer. G on behalf of the globalization, which means he would give the combination of the characteristics in the world in the label printing plant a big competitive advantage. Use light sleeve roller technology, 13. 75 inches the width of the new development trend of self-adhesive printing. Caslon four color digital inkjet printer surprise appearance at the Brussels Labelexpo in North America after a year, Nilpeter time display Caslon inkjet printing in North America. It is a UK based software development and system integration and using FFEI design and joint development of products. Used to display the machine based on FA4 platform, big roll width is 16. 5 inches, printing unit equipped with two combinations. One is the UV glazing unit, the other one is to provide transparent stickers opaque white base unit. The platform also includes the rotary die cutting equipment. CASLON use xaar 1001 piezoelectric on-demand inkjet nozzle, the labels and packaging design by the UV printing ink set CMKY inkjet technology. Adjustable electronic system controller allows the user to print the variable data, or up to 720 * 360 dpi, the print quality of printing on any material separate full color label. CASLON provides eight gray-scale at the same time, the speed can be up to 82 feet per minute. 360 dpi x 360 dpi solution makes Nilpeter industry fast inkjet printing machine. This equipment can also be run on other platforms. When was the world's first installation high-resolution four-color ink jet printer < / P >
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