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Next year global inkjet perform 39 million perform a piece of A4 paper

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Next year, according to IDC, a survey reported in Europe, the Middle East and Africa ( EMEA) Will sell 3. 1. 4 billion boxes of inkjet cartridges. In addition, IDC also say that a third of the world's ink consumption are concentrated in these regions. So we according to IDC, given the two data can be launched next year, the world will use 9. 4. 2 billion boxes of ink cartridges in a second, and that means we will spend nearly 30 boxes of cartridges. Since this is a very terrible Numbers, so it is difficult to put it. Let's, for example, the consumption of a whole year on inkjet printer ink can print 39 million pieces of A4 paper, can fill in 4. Five levels of Olympic swimming pool. And the cartridge huge consumption is one of the reasons is the large base of inkjet printer. So far, the printer toner cartridge accounted for 64% of all the printers. However, the survey report now inkjet printer is 1 year by year. The rate of 4% in reducing. At the same time, people gradually turned to laser printing field. Survey, compared with 2010 in 2011, inkjet printers, OEM sales decreased 19. 2%. However, the decline is not appear in all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa ( EMEA) 。 EMEA consumables project director Joanna Pupkowska said that this kind of situation does not occur in all areas, because it depends on different countries and the local to the susceptibility of the price for different material structure, like Russia and Ukraine, they rely heavily on mass production. The Internet
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