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New standard perfect system carton marking inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Carton boxes are the most widely used in Lv’s outer box packaging products. Depending on the materials used, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, kraft paper boxes, etc., as an indispensable part of modern food logistics, cardboard boxes are responsible for food packaging and product protection. , The important responsibility of aesthetics, of course, as the outer packaging of the product, it must have the relevant product identification, and it is nothing more than the carton identification inkjet printer. The manufacturer provides attractive brand information and product identification. There are two ways for the carton marking inkjet printer to assign codes on the carton: the first is to print when the carton is not folded, and the PC-866 inkjet printer is required to automatically print the required content; the second is After the product has been packaged and packed into the carton, it is transported by the conveyor platform for coding. It can be processed by the SP-8000 side inkjet printer; the carton inkjet printer is suitable for side inkjet and normal inkjet printing, and due to the material of the carton The reason is that the water absorption is better, so you can choose water-based ink to print directly. The manufacturer's brand carton inkjet printer adopts all imported thermal foam nozzles, and the best printing speed is 180 meters per minute. It can be equipped with carton printers, trademark printers, carton packaging machines, etc. online. The carton marking inkjet printer is a water-based ink variable data printing system. It has the characteristics of easy drying and high speed. The platform online printing can be built on the customer’s assembly line and used at the same time. It is suitable for supporting faster mechanical equipment to achieve Inkjet printers that reduce costs, improve quality, and diversify production efficiency.
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