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New inkjet printer nozzle installation test the right way to _ nozzle, ink jet printer

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
1. Before the trial nozzle, use the needle to test water injection nozzle, look to whether clogging. This is a very redundant, and dangerous, first of all, once the nozzle into the water, you didn't dry on electricity, light, plate burning, or burning head; Liquid spray head generally play a protection, you use the needle injection in the end, not only wash away the head protection liquid, and due to the pressure of the hand is too big, easy to cause nozzle air blocking, couldn't lead to the ink; 2. Sprinkler head is very fragile, cannot knock against, must want to protect. Its surface is aluminum, layer coated on the crystal oscillator refill tube with very small. A touch will be sunken, deformation, fracture, even as nozzle is discarded; 3. Installing a sprinkler also need to be careful, be sure to first power, and put in place. Installed, with handle gently pushing a car around mobile, check whether smooth, don't pack good electricity, because, if not in place, the car move easily fractured to bump his head, and the hand feel, close put freely, strong controllability; 4. Plug cable, don't bring the ink, and to ensure good contact with the socket, don't touch the feet, otherwise, will cause short-circuit burning nozzle; 5. Steel shaft is clean and smooth, usable tissue sticky point lubricating oil is wiped, don't directly into shaft, excess oil will flow to the nozzle, the damage; 6. Machinery, circuit is correct, will test water, take a look first at the cartridge within the water foot shortage; Second, check whether small cleaning doctor blade, ink absorption pump dirt; 7. Just mount would have air inside the nozzle, so would not be normal print, can only be normal after the head of the air discharge completely out line; Specific steps are as follows: first of all, the available batch cleaning ( A clean only 2 times, then stop after 30 minutes clean 2 times) Many times kept clean excessive, can cause JiMo cleaning pump, mixed color, not only can make the printing ink leakage, also a waste of ink; Second, to print some more pictures, let the nozzle in working out the air; Again, if the machine has led to the waste refill tube, can power first, put a rubber tube with a syringe to smoke waste refill tube, until out 3 - 5 ml of ink, and then boot, use washing machine is normal, this is equal to artificially give out, the head of the air side effect is likely to cause heap ink cleaning pump. The Internet
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