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New founder jie eagle L2800 inkjet printing tractor pay close attention to market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
With the speeding up of China's urbanization process and increase of national income, China's large retail and consumer market is forming, and is growing fast, followed by shorter product life cycle and this led directly to the product packaging in the aspects such as intelligence, safety, and environmental protection requirements also more and more high, the product label printing industry has moved towards the short version, the intelligent development. In this background, in digital, intelligent, green and safe as the theme of 2012 China international exhibition on tag technology on October 17 - Was held in Shanghai on the 19th, focusing on the advanced tag printing technology and new product application idea, all sorts of site to launch new products and new technologies are attracted the attention of many visitors. Beijing Peking University founder electronics co. , LTD. ( Founder electronics) Introduce the founder of jie eagle L2800 color label digital inkjet printing machine is one of them. Learned, founder jie eagle L2800 color label digital inkjet printer is founder electronics after L1000, L1400 launched and a short version of the label printing and secondary variable information printing digital inkjet printing machine. In addition to retain the founder jie eagle L series advanced on-demand piezoelectric ink jet printing technology, can be in the paper, stickers, metal foil, PET, PVC, PE, PP, and other substrates directly on the surface of ink jet printing, and many other technical advantages, jie eagle L2800 founder owns complete the volume to the volume of the whole machine platform, and can according to customer demand matching precoating, glazing, membrana tectoria, die cutting, slitting machine, bar code detection and other printed after before printing, widely used in the label printing, packaging printing, variable data printing, security printing, and other fields, to implement low cost, rate and high quality printing. Product characteristics of production-oriented solutions industrial-grade DOD nozzle, integration with the system give full play to the nozzle advantage, do 7 x24 hours high-speed production, 360 dpi * 25 m/min under 360 dpi precision high quality color printing. Modular design, centralized control nozzle modules with the control unit adopts modular design, to achieve the flexible configuration of the whole system. Each unit control highly integrated, unified dispatch by software, guarantee the image data of high-speed transmission and print system state feedback and monitor in real time. Print media widely, print quality with environmental protection, non-toxic, UV ink, can be in the paper, stickers, metal foil, PET, PVC, PE, PP, and other printing on substrates, a curing finalize the design. Print quality is stable and meet the production requirements of printing enterprise. Powerful software advantage 1, bundled founder powerful variable data publishing software, meet the demand of mass data printing; 2, founder of color printing control technology, the standard ICC color management system; 3 new RIP, founder technology, support PDF1. 6/1. 7, support for multiple input data format; 4, founder years software development experience, can quickly and timely response to market trends, to adapt to the needs of different users. Easy operation and maintenance of the 1, the formidable task management and the preview function to help all kinds of printing task easier; 2, unique sprinkler maintenance and cleaning system, quick and easy to maintain nozzle, avoids the customer worries. Application field short version, personalized label printing digital ink jet printing technology to eliminate the early stage of the traditional printing plate making process, such as implementation without printing. For a short version of the label printing, within 1000 meters, digital inkjet printing has the advantage. Anti-counterfeiting label printing founder jie eagle L2800 digital inkjet printer relying on its powerful typesetting software, can easily implement anti-fake data generation and layout, the control algorithm to generate barcode check digit, ensure that the generated code, and the data comparison and online monitoring. Secondary variable information printing founder jie eagle L2800 text, bar code, the image can be realized variable information such as layout, high precision secondary ZhuiYin, easily implement a standard data, marking the different personalized printing. China packaging printing machinery network
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