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Multi-material packaging identification, inkjet printers respond one by one

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
The inkjet printer can be applied to different products to produce digital, text, English, pattern and other content markings, and provide a reliable basis for later tracking and traceability. These are the important advantages of inkjet printers as a marking device. Inkjet printers can be applied to packaging of a variety of materials. The main reason is that inkjet printers have a wide variety of inks. According to the characteristics of different materials, they produce stable and clear marks, and finally make the marks on the surface of different materials. The inkjet printer can successfully complete the effects required for inkjet printing on plastic, paper, metal, glass, wood and other materials. Generally speaking, these materials require high adhesion. In addition, like glass material, it needs to work in a high temperature or low temperature environment, and full consideration should be given to the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance of the ink. Some will also be used in an alcohol environment, which requires the use of anti-alcohol inks to ensure the clarity of the later markings. Some materials require the ink to be able to dry quickly in a short period of time. At this time, a special quick-drying ink is required. As a new generation of marking products, inkjet printers carry most of the marking work. This is a success that inkjet printers have gained since their development in the general marking industry. Just as many modern products need to use their own characteristics to adapt to the needs of the market, inkjet printers have become the label industry by virtue of being able to achieve perfect coding on many materials, and can fully automate the ordinary and complex identification of products. Important workhorse.
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