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Mosquito-repellent incense box packaging inkjet printer leads the inkjet flow

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Mosquito-repellent coils are used during the summer when they are high in use. They are one of the things to repel mosquitoes. Various brands of mosquito-repellent coils are placed on supermarket shelves. In addition to paying attention to the price, it is also worth noting the production date, barcode, and QR code on the mosquito-repellent coil box. Content, the content of the relevant logo on the box is either printed or printed by an ink jet printer. However, in order to achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability and counterfeit effects, it is still necessary to use a mosquito-repellent box packaging inkjet printer to print. With the two-dimensional code on the secondary packaging of the product, the product will eventually achieve the anti-counterfeiting and traceability effect, which will make consumers more popular. The mosquito coil packaging box is usually covered with a film, and the content of the corona printed on the surface is anti-scratch and anti-alcohol effects. The use of the mosquito coil box packaging and coding racks to be used simultaneously on the production line can better reflect the advantages of the machine. In the past successful case of Arnold Georg, the C1UV inkjet printer is used for more comprehensive control, a complete set of online and offline coding solutions, which can reach a stable printing of 45m/min, which is superior to the printing speed of its peers, and industrial-grade piezoelectric Type nozzle, high speed, stability, long life, easy maintenance and maintenance, cost-effective equipment to give back to customers. Arnoldage's mosquito-repellent incense box packaging inkjet printer system has precise positioning, a single nozzle is 36mm wide, and the error is ±0.5mm. It uses environmentally friendly UV ink, LED-UV curing method, fast curing speed, and achieves ultra-low temperature through water-cooled equipment to achieve energy saving , Improve efficiency, no irritating gas. The printing quality is stable, with a humanized intelligent operation interface, automatic alignment is more convenient, the overall control is more comprehensive, and the operation is handy, which is a perfect experience.
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