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Mimaki large-format heat sublimation printing machine will be listed on January 8 _

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Recently, the Mimaki launched a new large heat sublimation printing machine; ; JV5 - 320DS。 The new machine can be directly in the width of 3. 2 meters of polyester base to realize printing. JV5 - 320 ds inherited the JV5 series of high quality characteristic, having excellent output effect on textiles printing technology. JV5 - Ds on January 8, 320. JV5 - Ds printing machine based on the large format solvent JV5-320 320 s research and development. JV5 - 320 s went public in 2007, designed for outdoor sign printing market. In recent years, outdoor signs on the market, due to the polyester textile material of soft signs ( Such as flags) More suitable for water-based heat sublimation ink, demand is growing. Mimaki JV5 - 320 ds is to meet this need. As a heat sublimation printing machine, JV5 - Ds almost inherited the JV5-320 All the benefits of the 320 s, such as high efficiency, excellent quality of image output, etc. In general, when printing on polyester base, ink is easy to penetrate the fabric below. JV5 - 320 ds new ink collection device, can effectively prevent the ink permeable fabric, dirty on the back. New dry fan can be dried directly after printing ink, in order to prevent the adhesion of the medium. In addition, the new machine is equipped with a splash ink removing device, can improve the stability of the machine. JV5 - 320 ds output up to 1440 dpi resolution. The printing speed according to different resolution. A resolution of 540 x720dpi, speed up to 60. 3 sqmh; A resolution of 540 x1080dpi, speed of 44 SQMH. JV5 - 320 ds using MimakiSb52 thermal sublimation ink. Mimaki high-capacity ink supply system ( MBIS, optional) Guaranteeing the continuous supply of 2 litres ink, suitable for long time continuous printing, but also can save the cost of the ink in the unit time. JV5 - 320 ds in addition to using the heat sublimation printing technology, users can also directly in the preheating of the printing on polyester, thereby saving the cost of the transfer paper, reduce the impact on the environment, improve the commercial value.
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