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Mask anti-counterfeiting depends on the protective product inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
Nowadays, anti-counterfeiting traceability is a common phenomenon, and we can see QR codes in many food, medicine and other packaging bags in large and small supermarkets. Product anti-counterfeiting is an issue that enterprises attach great importance to, and counterfeit products cause huge losses to enterprises. Now due to the impact of the epidemic, masks have become a hot commodity. The conventional packaging method of masks is bagged. The protective product inkjet printer can print a QR code with anti-counterfeiting and traceability function on the outer packaging bag. Consumers can scan the QR code identification with their mobile phones to find out the detailed production process of the product. If it is found to be a fake or inferior product, it can also give feedback in time, and even report to the police in time. The conventional printing content of product packaging includes date, batch number, pattern, text, bar code, graph, table, counter, database, etc. The anti-counterfeiting mark inkjet printer produced by Arnold can not only do the above easily, it can be used to print various Variable data two-dimensional code, variable data bar code, color two-dimensional code, rainbow code and other information content. The types of inkjet printers developed by Arnoldjet inkjet printers include protective product industry inkjet printers, variable data inkjet printers, ultra-high-speed inkjet printers, digital printers, patented carton side inkjet printers, etc. Merchants can package their products according to their own products. Different materials to choose different protective products inkjet printers. For customers who don’t know how to choose a printer, Arnold recommends that you can consult a professional or send the company’s products for proofing, and choose a more suitable printer through proofing.
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