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Market assessment: the British global ink-jet printing the future report released print, report

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Takeaway: recently, the British publishing world ink-jet printing in the future, 2016 - 2021). Report on inkjet printing market provides a thorough assessment of for a long time. The new report on global ink-jet printing in the future, 2016 - 2021). The rapid development of industry, provides an in-depth assessment of for a long time. In 2016, ink-jet printing and printing and packaging market scale will reach $61. 9 million, 2016 - In 2021, an average annual compound growth rate is 12. 7%, all over the world are all positive growth. All regions are starting to adopt this technology, because it provides alternative economic benefit of analog and digital printing technology, and constantly open up new markets. This rapid growth also encourage suppliers to invest, constantly introducing new technology into the market. The move also ensures that the inkjet printing continues to improve the reliability, high quality and stable productivity. Ink jet technology the whole book and the application of the newspaper industry's supply chain is a great improvement. For label industry also has the traction and the high performance narrow presses and mixed inkjet/flexo printing machine market will also grow. At the same time for packaging market also contain the huge opportunity, new high-performance spray system is about to enter the market. Inkjet technology has been used to print directly to the bottles, cans, it is also a powerful potential to simplify packaging supply chain. Ink-jet technology for the new function is added to printing and packaging, personalized and visualization is a very, very common, has become a growing trend, more can increase the value of the printed product, and profits. Ink-jet technology can be used in thick film and the special fluid, to enhance the sense of touch and stereoscopic effect, varnish and print at the same time enhance the system is becoming more and more favourite. With the increasing of inkjet technology progress, the print head manufacturer, ink manufacturers and printing equipment suppliers have brought billions of market investment. There have been many types of customized inkjet printing system is configured for a particular application. Solvent, water-based and UV curing ink is being used. The solvent-based inks are losing market share, but water and UV curing inks are implemented at the speed of fast growth. Inkjet technology is also becoming increasingly important industrial use of a technology. Such as textile printing, decoration, ceramic, 3 d, electronics and textiles, printing, etc. , in these applications will also help in the field of inkjet technology to achieve a better improvement. Net win
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