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Maintenance of electrical components in printer maintenance

by:Arojet     2021-07-30

Maintenance of electrical components in printer maintenance.

We all know that the internal composition of the inkjet printer is composed of a series of electrical components, such as I/O board, CPU board, pump control board, etc. These components are composed of electrical components, if we If there are electrical components in the products used, there is usually a maintenance problem. After all, if our electrical components cannot be maintained, on the one hand, it may burn out, and on the other hand, it will also affect the service life. Here we talk about how to maintain the electrical components of the printer.

The most important point in the maintenance of electrical components is moisture-proof and dust-proof. In daily maintenance, we can check whether there is moisture or even dust inside. If there is dust inside, it is generally necessary to perform a dust blowing treatment in about half a year.

If it is in the workshop, in the very humid season, we use a certain desiccant inside the equipment, and if we use the desiccant, the general equipment will dry a lot, which can also prevent Because the humid environment affects the use of the electrical components inside, and if the electrical components in the inkjet printer are humid, it is easy to cause a short circuit. This is another very important aspect besides going out to blow dust, and it should not affect the use of the product due to humidity.

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