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Low vacuum recovery technology effectively reduces the debris entering the ink of the printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
The introduction of low-vacuum recycling technology is of great significance to the inkjet printer industry. For a long time, a problem that Anhui inkjet printers has been difficult to solve is how to reduce the entry of debris into the ink system of the inkjet printer. The quality and printing effect will have a certain negative impact. The low vacuum recovery technology can solve this problem well. Since the recycling system of the Anhui inkjet printer is in a vacuum state, it has a certain attraction to the ink jetted from the nozzle, so that it can reach the recycling system smoothly. However, this method is also in the process of inhaling ink from the inkjet printer. Will bring in a lot of air. During the production process, the nozzle of the Anhui inkjet printer is exposed to the air, and it is difficult to completely isolate the air. In this regard, the low vacuum recovery technology adopted by the new Anhui inkjet printer can reduce the amount of air drawn into the recovery system, thereby reducing the amount of debris that enters with the air. In addition, the low vacuum recovery technology has an advantage. As the amount of air entering the ink circuit system decreases, the volatilization speed of the solvent slows down. The solvent consumption of Anhui inkjet printers can be reduced by 30%-40%, which is environmentally friendly and prolongs the service life of Anhui inkjet printer hardware (filters, nozzles) and saves the consumption of consumables. Hefei Yimei Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in providing Anhui inkjet printers, Hefei inkjet printers, inkjet printer inks, inkjet printer thinners, inkjet printer processing services, professional quality, trustworthy,
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