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Limit the development of ink-jet printing equipment printing equipment cost

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Cost has been the important influence factors of consumers to buy the product, in the printing industry is no exception. As digital printing field cost cheap inkjet equipment are also still encountered this problem, this is mainly because the printing consumables expensive and high maintenance cost. So to really promote the development of digital printing printing industry, machinery and the reducing of the consumable price become an urgent problem to solve. Ink-jet printing industry is composed of equipment, consumables, and application of a complex. Equipment is divided into two aspects to homes and businesses, which in turn have small and large output, use and service use, indoor and outdoor, etc. The division of different angles. As a rich and extensive in the field of digital printing technology, inkjet devices because of its low cost, good environmental protection characteristics of occupied a certain market share. But according to the report, the situation does not exist in our country. Recently, the agency said, when doing the printer half-year summary, through the comparisons of printer market in China and the United States market shipments, we saw a huge contrast, it is China's laser printer shipments are much higher than inkjet printers, inkjet printers and the us market shipments is far higher than that of the laser printer. Why will appear this reason, we think that in addition to the old concept of commercial to choose laser home inkjet, since in the past, compared with the laser printers, inkjet printers plug, high cost and low stability and performance is insufficient for home users or business users have a bad impression on an inkjet printer. A simple example, low-end prices or all-in-one inkjet printer - 200 500 yuan or so, I believe users, whether it's family or students buy printer price is acceptable, but the price of a set of ink cartridge? Basic is about 200 yuan or more, and perform a few hundred pages, the late printing costs and user does not match the acceptable degree. Once the consumer to buy a printer, is kidnapped by the printer manufacturer, use will bear high cost, do not use the machine is a waste, and for a long time without may also cause the print head nozzle clogging, maintenance costs increased. Most commercial printing, on the other hand, is a large amount of users to print black and white document, utilization rate is high, need a reliable printer, s in the past, in contrast, the laser printer or higher stability, security, and efficiency of maintenance cost is low, so the user more and more in love with his laser printer, homemade drum unit, alternative supplies relatively mature, low cost to get the favour of a large number of users. Inkjet printer shipments in the American market, by contrast, foreign users do not have special technology preferences, inkjet and laser can, as long as it can better meet the demand of users, of course the price is cheaper, the better, inkjet equipment lower procurement costs and the commercial inkjet printer cheap cost of late is more popular with the users. Even a set of 200 yuan of the cartridge, which is also more than 30 dollars, equivalent to 30 yuan in the minds of American consumers, so the user feel about cost a great deal of contrast. Many Chinese users concerned about cost focus on cost, but the printer manufacturers in the past but did not give a very good match scheme of user demand, it is also a continuous ink device to appear on the market, filling ink, compatible ink cartridges and other supplies one of the reasons for using method. In PPzhan so small make up, it seems, in the face of the real cost factors, we on the one hand is to quicken the development of ink-jet technology, in order to reduce the cost of technology. The second is to improve the product's material compatibility, get rid of suspected of bundling, such ability can get more market. China packaging printing machinery network
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