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Like other products, inkjet printers are constantly evolving

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Inkjet printers are the same as other products. In the continuous development, many types have been formed. Among them, the specific division is based on different functions or different applications. High-resolution inkjet printers are one of them; this type is now on the market. There are a lot of products, imported and domestically produced brands, and there is no lack of shoddy phenomenon, so consumers must keep their eyes open when choosing, and distinguish them carefully. Therefore, in order to help customers make judgments, the following A brief talk about its characteristics, I hope it can be helpful to people. The specific characteristics of this type of inkjet printer are as follows: First, adaptability. This product is industrialized for printers. It can only add slow-drying ink, which is not feasible in many industries. It is a point that must be paid attention to. 2. Applicability. Many solenoid valves control many nozzles in the nozzles. A slight improper operation will cause the nozzles to be blocked, resulting in the lack of printed content and unclear markings. Third, economics. From the perspective of customer use, high resolution basically needs to replace 2 to 3 nozzles a year, so it causes economic losses to a certain extent. The above three situations are what consumers need to know. Only when they understand these specific situations, people will not be deceived by the seller when buying this type of inkjet printer, so that they can choose a good product.
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