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Large Japanese set ink jet screen printing production line

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
< P > great printing has officially announced that Japan will be in the eighth generation liquid crystal line way of sharp guishan second factory set inside the ink-jet color filter production line, began production in September of 2006, Published data) 。 Production line to corresponding motherboard glass plate size is 2160 mm x 2460 mm of LCD panel, through the production of color filters in inkjet way, in order to reduce the cost. < / P > < P > big Japanese printing was founded in September 1 production subsidiary 'DNP Color Techno guishan', and set up the sharp Color filter production line, the production scale to produce 30000 pieces. So, big Japanese printing more than 6 generations color filters can output, coupled with black battery factory production lines (1 Sixth generation, nissan 40000) , black battery factory production line (2 Under construction, plan to start in October 2006, the sixth generation, nissan 60000) And is planning a new production line, Plan started in 2007, the 8th generation, nissan 40000) , will reach the quantity 170000. < / P > < P > big Japanese independent development using inkjet printed in the color filter manufacturing technology at the same time, also by Japan in April 24 in 2002, private enterprise jointly funded the Future Vision projects based on the color filter development of inkjet way. The production line is in the Future Vision technology, on the basis of project construction through collaboration and to participate in the project's sharp. < / P > < P > < / P > < P > the nikkei BP club < / P >
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