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Large-format personalized printing prospect by industry _ large-format personalized printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Takeaway: why large-format printing can achieve rapid development, and it increased significantly in recent years the technology has a great relationship, and also lower investment cost, it is important to large format printing can bring more value to the print. It is aware of this, many enterprises are getting involved in large market, hope to share. As is known to all, the advantage of HP HP has been on the A4 printing products, especially the laser printing products. But HP apparently not content with the status. So more large-format printing, printing market. For large format printing market in recent years the development of the situation, China hewlett-packard print and information products group ( PPS) Large format printing division general manager, says Mr Li Bing large-format printing in growth very fast in recent years. But from the whole IDC, as China's economic growth has been growing, the development of national urbanization, affected the need a lot of exports, such as manufacturing industry. By stimulating domestic demand, but also can make advertising posters, do it on demand development rapidly, leading to a large market growth. Hewlett-packard China print and information products group ( PPS) Product manager Mr Chen Liang added logo and display system, can realize rapid development, especially in emerging industries. For example in the field of domestic outfit, tooling, we call it a field of soft outfit, are growing as a whole. Because now all of the decoration, especially the application of wallpaper such demand. Wallpaper field is given priority to with coating before, and now a lot of people still want to be able to have some personalized or some not the effect of mass production, as in the soft outfit, is not only the wallpaper, including ceiling, floor can use some personalized. It is found the large-format printing technology comes in, to achieve rapid growth in recent years. Believe that with the increasing market demand of these areas, large format printing will be better to show. At this point, large-format printing is gradually developed into a printing enterprise to expand business and provide value-added services to the customers an effective way. Believe in the near future it will emerge in the would-be printing market.
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