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Large-format inkjet printing in the future will be promising in our country, large _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Inkjet printing as an important representative of digital printing, obtained the rapid development in our country at present. Ink jet printing at present, there are two trends: one is outdoor inkjet printing; The other one is indoor inkjet printing. Can be divided into the ink-jet printing and indoor inkjet printing ink jet printing production. In ink-jet printing in there has been a lot of enterprises in our country, but in terms of inkjet printing production, the country only a few such as founder jie eagle c4200 product do well, but mainly for the ink-jet printing, slightly in respect of large-format inkjet printing in China is still a blank. The advantages of large-format inkjet printing the author sums up the advantages of large format inkjet printing, summarized as follows: one, the broad scope of application. It can display the enterprise logo, poster and banner ads, and other fields, and as long as there is a reasonable production plan, it can be more advantages than traditional printing way. Second, can multicolor flexible combination. Four color, six, seven color optional combination, flexible and convenient. Three, can be printed on a broad range of substrates. Both in paper and film, wood, ceramics, can realize quick printing. Fourth, printing cost is lower than the other way. Powdered carbon cost is high, and the ink costs are relatively low, which determines its price advantage. Factors restricting the development of China's large format inkjet printing large-format inkjet printing in China is still a blank, the author summarizes several reasons: first, the limitation of ink-jet printer, this is the main reason. Is the soul of the inkjet printer ink, inkjet head quality directly affects the quality of the print. And in order to realize high speed, large-format production, especially want to realize high precision printing ink jet printing, need to adopt controllable format inkjet printing, the printing way for nozzle at any time to change the way the ink jet, according to the information requirements for nozzle is higher. And inkjet printing machine in our country is still at the development stage, there is no own professional ink-jet printer manufacturers, and imported ink very expensive, this increases the domestic printing cost of inkjet printer, could not form on the price advantage, it cannot attract the domestic printing enterprises. Second, the influence of ink and ink road. To inkjet printing function high quality ink-jet printing, you need to press itself provides a good ink delivery system. Ink in the process of transport need to keep ink liquidity to a certain extent, and loads on each drops a small amount of charge, and then through the nozzle spray scattered on the substrates. In this process, especially in the process of multicolor printing, printing machine all the time on introduction of the console output printing information command, to make a change at any time according to the print pattern, which requires the printer itself has the stability of the ink system. And in this is blank in our country, so if you want to produce inkjet printer, you need to import the output of the ink system abroad, it also raised the cost of the machine itself. Again, the influence of consumables. To large format, high-speed printing ink jet printing, the ink must be used to dry quickly, and the spread of ink on the substrates. In application at present the main is uv ink through the light curing ink. But there is few enterprises can produce uv ink in our country at present, the main have to rely on imports, so the cost of consumables also became a bottleneck to make ink jet printer. Large-format inkjet printing measures for development in our country China printing equipment industries association of inkjet printing branch joint national printing machinery standardization technical committee, has developed a large format inkjet printers in China national standard, to strengthen the guidance and management of large format printing industry in our country, promote the technical progress of large-format inkjet printing equipment. And the 12th five-year plan is to develop intelligent printing equipment include, the future of our country large-format inkjet printing equipment manufacturers could usher in a new development opportunity. Now has many domestic enterprises in research and development of this kind of inkjet printing equipment, believe they will soon be a breakthrough, to fill in the blank of this field in our country. ( The article China building materials procurement network) China packaging printing exhibition network
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