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Kyushu centrino success to high-speed digital ink-jet printing and fill the blank of the market _ high-speed inkjet printing _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Takeaway: with the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology, the digital printing to the era of high speed, large, and thus be regarded as the future of digital printing and was high hopes. Digital printing is the printing technology development in the future. The situation of global market for digital printing are flawed, domestic digital printing market is still in the development of lukewarm state, in this situation, some printing enterprise to high-speed inkjet printing, and got good grades, Beijing kyushu centrino media culture co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the jiuzhou centrino) Is one of the representative. Let's listen to kyushu centrino high-speed inkjet printing. Try water high-speed inkjet printing, fill the blank of the market, the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology to digital printing to the era of high speed, large, thus be regarded as the future of digital printing and was high hopes. Although the parties JiaoHaoSheng continuously, but most of the printing enterprise is always holding the wait-and-see attitude, delayed action. Kyushu centrino is a special case, on which the jiangsu phoenix media group co. , LTD. , the introduction of the usage of high-speed inkjet printing equipment, finally bought 2015 kodak Prosper1000 digital inkjet printing system, formally entered high-speed inkjet printing field. The introduction of high-speed inkjet printing equipment, the company's operating income increased nearly 1 times, to expand the scope of our business by 200 copies of the following to 2000 copies, this is especially good for our on-demand printing business. Luo said Mr Rule. On-demand printing is one of the main business of jiuzhou centrino, can not only by a small amount of printing for many times, avoid press too much inventory problem, can also make it possible for broken version of book printing. In addition, for print runs of the few professional books, high-speed inkjet printing can achieve a small batch production in the book, how much we need to print, so that greatly reduce the cost of the press. So, more and more press became the kyushu centrino client, high-speed inkjet printing technology makes the jiuzhou centrino on-demand printing business done are flawed, occupy the half of the amount of the business promotion. Not only that, the application of high-speed inkjet printing technology also let kyushu centrino printing cycle cut by half. In order to make the equipment utilization rate higher, kyushu centrino re-structure its production processes, and upgrade the ERP system, the development of the business on a cloud platform. For high-speed inkjet printing, basically see attitude as the pioneer of the path in high speed inkjet printing speed up, kyushu centrino three attitudes may be able to want to step into this field of printing enterprise to bring some inspiration. 1. Professional thanks to kyushu centrino accumulation in the field of digital printing for more than a decade. Introduced from was established in 2004, Fuji xerox black-and-white digital printing machine, kyushu centrino has been rooted in digital printing field, making them no matter from the technical, team building, and management have accumulated plenty of experience and resources. 2. And trustworthy kyushu centrino always uphold the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, has established a good relationship with customers and employees. It is reported, kyushu centrino customer basic it is ten years and more than a decade old customers, the customer so long from jiuzhou centrino solid technical strength. Good problem solving skills with the good quality of the employees, says Mr Luo rule: we treat employees like family, honest, therefore the company's employees are basically old employees, liquidity is very small, thus forming a group of loyal, various aspects ability are strong middle managers, under the guidance of their, new employees can quickly enter the role, which greatly guarantee the stability of the production and technology accumulation and inheritance, laid the foundation for better service to customers. 3. Punctuality digital printing business is characterized by small print runs, cycle short, pay attention to timeliness, require printing enterprise within the prescribed period of time of delivery. In order to improve the efficiency of delivery, kyushu centrino provides two types of distribution ways for customers to choose from: if time permits, the shipping company to be appointed by customer or jiuzhou centrino delivery; And in a specific time, customers can specify the jiuzhou centrino delivery logistics team. High-speed inkjet printing in the future, and line and 2015 high-speed inkjet printing field, although the manufacturer movement is frequent, but most of the printing enterprise is still on the sidelines waiting for. For those who want to dedicate myself into the high-speed inkjet printing in the field of my colleagues, Mr Luo rule 2 Suggestions are given: one is the type of business to be accurate, stable as far as possible; The second is the introduction of equipment, to undertake choosing according to its own business model and demand, must not blindly follow suit. At the same time, he also warned the couple: new enterprise is difficult to carry out the small batch of printing business, the traditional business model doesn't work, may experience a wobble, so be sure to look before you leap. As long as you have been on the road, there is no to too far away. High-speed inkjet printing technology has set sail, the wind, the wind, now that you've decided that this is for the road ahead, toward target insisted on going. Keyin network
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