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Komori digital inkjet printer Impremia IS29 incoming printing, digital printing, traditional offset printing _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Takeaway: komori company grandly launched 29 inches wide sheet-fed digital inkjet printer ImpremiaIS29 ( Hereinafter referred to as IS29) 。 Komori digital inkjet printer Impremia IS29 incoming as komori printing in the field of development and the innovation of digital printing technology, it will be small, major changes in the transformation of the way, is also a small breakthrough in the field of digital printing, supported by many in the industry and attention. Next, IS29 digital printing will be big in Japan, the United States, Europe and other markets. Before launch IS29 product, komori company cooperate with clients in Japan and the United States to IS29 done a lot of testing, test results show that IS29 is a high performance, high quality, stable and reliable professional digital printing machine. Komori company will be in early 2016, before the Drupa show officially announced this product on the market. At the same time, komori, image technology center in Europe and the United States also holds a seminar, related products to introduce its performance and so on. We firmly believe that the future will be the traditional offset printing business and the combination of digital technology to complete small group President, says Mr Hold Tian Xun and IS29 is the complementary interpretation. Just open a new chapter is new komori company, expressed the komori company's commitment to the user. Komori company will provide users with new equipment, new technology and solutions, open a new chapter together with the customer. Komori company not only in the hardware and software operating on the printing process of do it, also pay attention to the cooperation between traditional offset printing and digital printing. In the transformation from traditional offset printing machine manufacturers of professional road for printing service providers, komori company shows powerful expand new areas of potential. Komori company used for many years in the field of manufacturing offset press professional knowledge and technical strength, will provide customers in the printing business, printing electronic processing after printing and digital printing, and other fields to provide a steady stream of new materials and new equipment, opening a new chapter together! IS29 is small, just open a new chapter for the user a series of solutions for the core product, the goal is to help customers to bring high value-added printing business, thus improve profit growth point. Further help clients from a digital printing enterprise to provide the service of printing media company. IS29 is based on the traditional offset printing based on leds - high performance and high stability UV inkjet digital printing system, the printing quality of printing B2 wide speed up to 3000 zhang/h, the image quality of 1200 dpi. IS29 can printing paper big size for 585 & times; 750 mm, support 0. 06 ~ 0. 6 mm thickness of paper, because without precoating, support normal printing paper, not only on the most special substrates printing performance, and reduce the precoating cost. IS29 inkjet digital printing machine can provide comparable to those of offset printing high-quality printing quality and have the ordinary paper transfer printing, using UV ink, fast drying, double-sided printing one time wait for a characteristic, can achieve productivity and efficiency, to meet the many varieties, small batch, short delivery time on-demand printing requirements. IS29 Yu Xiaosen long-term benefit in high precision sheetfed offset transfer paper technology such as specialty, can printing large posters, single page of multigang puzzle and packaging, these are the traditional A3 equipment cannot do. At the same time, IS29 have equivalent to that of offset printing and stable high quality image printing effect, printing network reappearance and alignment, etc. , are all commercial printing to special choice of substrates. IS29 will not only in the field of on-demand printing and packaging printing, the short delivery time, variable data printing business, will be a huge advantage for the user! Komori ImpremiaIS29 main technical parameters: print resolution 1200 x1, 200 dpi print speed: 3000 SPH ( The single side printing) 1500 sph ( Double-sided printing) Big paper size: 585 x750mm printing range: 575 x735mm ( The single side printing) 575x730mm( Double-sided printing) The thickness of the paper size: 0. 06 - 0. 6毫米( The single side printing) 0. 06 - 0. 45mm( Double-sided printing) Automobil printing net
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