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Keira jet inkjet technology development _ ceramic ink-jet technology, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Preface ceramic ink-jet printer is to use the new print head technology, a print head beyond the four functions of the print head (original 180 hole by 8 column) , double four color output to a when four. The ink control technology, the output image more, light is more delicate, bright shadow is more and more natural color. Small 3. 5 pl drops make you almost invisible ink, there is no point to print print into the new era. So far, the world has more than 600 ceramic ink-jet printer, the Chinese market account for only about 30%. Keira jet is the creator of the ink-jet printing equipment, the company team of innovative research and development, keep the industry status. Keira jet innovation technology widely accepted in the industry, and well received. In 2009, keira jet time bring ceramic inkjet technology to China, also in this year, the Nobel ceramic formal use ceramic ink-jet printing equipment, and introduced the equipment production product. Nowadays, ceramic ink-jet printing equipment is widely used in China's major production areas, and in accordance with the trend of the development of normal, ink-jet printing equipment market in China and great development space. In addition to do a good job in basic technical services, with our partners have also been hard, will do better after-sales service, closer to the customer's needs. The future competition of inkjet equipment, in addition to strong forward-looking technology, can develop strong competitive products, specialization, localization of the after-sales service is also very important. Keira jet is committed to make ceramic ink-jet printing equipment, will also do well in the field of after-sales service, service to the masses of customers in China. Postscript: Spain keira jet ink jet machine in the machine design is already very mature, after 10 years of development, have counterparts, and never-ending perfect and development. Now keira and ceramic ink jet company won the inkjet machine, hundreds of technology. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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