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Jinke 3 d ink-jet all glazed ceramic xuanliang offerings _3D inkjet _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
With the influence of ceramic production areas of technological change, the emergence of 3 d ink-jet printing technology, make ceramic tile production from photocopiers to printer. All glazed ceramic technology, make archaize brick and polishing brick to shame. Jinke ceramics again, a new 3 d all glazed ceramic products. 3 d ink-jet printing is known as the third revolution in the ceramic printing technology, using 3 d holographic image processing technology, using the optical principle of intelligent reading image information, through the digital ink jet printing machine micro volley shot to the simulation printing images, to ensure that every grain of ink jet to the designated location can be produced one hundred times compared to the conventional fine ceramic tile ceramic tile texture. The use of nano ceramic base, can guarantee after high temperature firing ceramic tile has a stable and good performance of coloring, ensure that products do not fade. All glazed ceramic technology and 3 d ink-jet printing technology of collisions, the new generation of king of glazed ceramic, peoples attention. Jinke 3 d ink-jet all glazed ceramic tile on the surface of the glaze for special crystal glaze wear-resisting, high temperature sintering molecular completely sealed, almost no gap and can keep for a long time highlighting, hard and wear-resistant. Mohs hardness more than 6 degrees, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 1%, compared to the natural stone material quality of a material is more uniform, dense, more stable, more environmentally friendly. Jinke 3 d ink-jet all glazed ceramic used 3 d dangling ink-jet printing technology, the computer numerical control stereoscopic printing, so can a new interpretation of natural stone, shape of natural stone texture and stereo feeling. Brick surface brightness, color, depth, transparent feeling, reduction effect full beyond ordinary all glazed ceramic products. To reflect the multi-dimensional three-dimensional space effect of high-definition, radiant with color, texture is clear, external advantages such as strong adornment effect, different experience for consumers. Fashion under the glaze color technology, design and color design is abundant, texture and stereo, make bricky system fully take in everything in a glance, beautiful texture, enduring, brick has a fully three-dimensional sense. Particle size is small to nanoscale materials, greatly fill the small pore and micro cracks, brick new antifouling self-cleaning technology processing, makes brick surface with strong soil resistance, skid resistance, wear resistance to a new height. Wall to all appropriate, the shop is stuck below the glory, temperament is special, elegant, deep, reveal the beauty of the details, aka magnificence of all show true self. Foshan ceramic net
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