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Jie eagle P5100 chinaprint2013: founder and P5200 shone full digital printing inkjet digital printing system

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
( Abstract] On chinaprint2013, with ink jet control system hardware and software suppliers complete independent intellectual property rights system exhibited founder multiple devices and solutions, including founder jie eagle P5100 and P5200 inkjet digital printing system. It is understood that this is the first fully independent intellectual property rights in China's high-speed inkjet digital printing machine, with its high quality, high level, high capacity, low use cost of inkjet technology advantage, as well as on-demand digital printing variable features, boosting global digital printing industry upgrade, build the network digital printing business and service mode, become on-demand publishing, government printing, digital newspapers, direct mail, the short version of the bill the new choice of personalized commercial printing market. The founder electronic relying on national inkjet digital printing laboratory, professor at Peking University researcher, as the core of research and development team and engineering team under the unremitting efforts and constant innovation, in the field of inkjet digital printing technology has been applied for more than 100 and more than 20 international, and the market continuously introduce new models. As a nation of digital printing system vendor, founder electronics in promoting China made great contribution to the development of digital printing. Jie eagle P5100 founder / 5200 inkjet printing system according to introducing, jie eagle P5100 founder / 5200 inkjet printing system, adopting the on-demand piezoelectric nozzle is the industry's high precision industry, speed 100 m/min, the color black and white and 200 m/min, nozzle addressable 600 * 600 dpi resolution ( 600 * 1200 dpi) , the use of continuous paper printing way, medium wide width of 520 mm, the actual printing negative 474 mm. Can meet the monthly peak load of up to 8 million printed A4 printing business demand, at the same time, short version printing leaflet cost far less than the laser digital printing, long printing leaflet cost is close to the traditional printing. In addition, the founder, the eagle P5100/5200 also adopted the international interface standards, can online support international standard protocol stack of automatic cutting machine, machine, folding machine, automatic binding line after the printing equipment, can easily build rate of attachment automated production environment, and supports a variety of open variable data publishing system and AFP/IPADS output control system, also can support a variety of image detection system at the same time, to high-speed printing content and quality can cure supervision and inspection. Founder jie eagle system controller to the various space lattice and inkjet output data to inkjet systems, and real-time monitoring of ink-jet system status, ink-jet printing equipment and the real-time control management of the entire system, including the output control, infrared drying system with speed control, ink, nozzle motion control, etc. , and can be real-time manipulation of the optional post-press equipment and online image detection system. China packaging printing machinery network
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