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It is understood that China ink-jet printing industry safety standards union ( Hereinafter referred to as the inkjet printing AnBiao union) By actively promote inkjet printing industry

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Standardization development, is committed to inkjet printing industry safety standards of research, development, application and service agencies and entities established voluntary organization, to build advanced ink-jet printing standardization system, promote the healthy development of the industry for the purpose. The alliance launched units with China technical supervision intelligence association, China printing and inkjet printing equipment industry association branch and Roland corporation, Japan ( China) Co. , LTD. , China hewlett-packard co. , LTD. , four equipment manufacturers, such as multiple printing machinery company. Is the establishment of the league, China technical supervision intelligence association deputy secretary-general jiang qing said that in addition to industry safety standard system, inkjet printing AnBiao alliance will also actively promote the safety standards of enterprises to participate in the national action, cultivating industry USES the brand enterprise security standards. According to introducing, the above four equipment manufacturers will be the first to start the work safety standards, inkjet printing AnBiao alliance will also organize the expert group specific guidance for enterprises, help enterprises to improve the management system of standardization activities. The safety standard action is China's development by the standard alliance and China technology supervision information association since 2008, together with national special action, aims to promote the safety standards to standardize enterprise production, products for the enterprise to build standard into the core of the brand competitiveness. At present, the operation has been involved in food and agricultural products, mobile phone, advertising equipment industry, with the participation of hundred enterprise brand safety standards to promote work, and become the AnBiao action model of enterprise and brand. China printing and printing equipment industry association deputy secretary-general Li Tongxin, said the establishment of the alliance will help to promote inkjet printing industry to the national safety standards action participation, promote the establishment of the industry security brand, and in a standardized product to promote the international competitiveness of the enterprise. Related standard construction importance growing although ink-jet printing is developed in recent 10 years before printing branch, but no matter in international or domestic, it has maintained a strong momentum of development. General administration of press and publication of the five-year period, the press and publication industry development planning, also stressed that the five-year period to realize independent inkjet digital printing technology development and application of visible inkjet printing has become one of the focus of the future development of printing industry technology in China. China printing and inkjet printing equipment industry association branch deputy secretary-general Chen Dazhi introduction, according to the customs, according to incomplete statistics inkjet printers in China imports is 24, 2010. 12 040000, exports. Total 630000 units, import and export to 5. 1. 9 billion dollars. Inkjet printing, he argues, is developing at a surprising speed in China, China with inkjet printing of the world's market share is growing steadily. But serious lag ink-jet printing industry safety standardization in our country, become the bottleneck to the healthy development of the industry. At present, only a small number of ink-jet printing industry standards or is imminent. Such as more than two years after the national standardization management committee review, by the Chinese printing and inkjet printing equipment industry association branch organization of the print machine parts: printing machine wide wide coil type wide wide spray painting machine national standard 'will be issued and implemented on July 1. Notable is, spray equipment is an important part of inkjet printing equipment industry, at present our country wide format printing equipment manufacturing industry has entered a fully market-oriented international competition situation. According to the Chinese printing and inkjet printing equipment industry association branch of statistics, the current domestic engaged in painting equipment manufacturing manufacturers about more than 100, spray equipment to produce: 1. More than 8 meters wide about 30000 units, 1. 8 meters wide, ) Nearly 100000 units; Spraying equipment annual sales of 4 billion yuan, of which exports accounted for about 50% of its sales. After 10 years of development, China has become the large painting equipment producer in the world. Chen Dazhi said. According to introducing, the association will also at this year's organization enterprise to body stick and single film two inkjet printing consumables industry standards. Chen Dazhi said: for inkjet industry booming, the standardized building work is not enough. Facing the current technology, new technology and new business abroad, complicated situation and international environment, ink-jet printing industry in the increasingly fierce competition, the importance of the Chinese standards for the construction of the information is also growing. Safety and environmental protection or into a green barriers to China's printing industry and equipment industry association deputy secretary-general Li Tongxin pointed out that promote inkjet industry standards of international level is needed. Practice has proved, 'he said,' who gain the initiative in the standards, will grasp the market initiative. Companies involved in setting standards at the same time, help drive the technological progress, improve the visibility and competitiveness of enterprises. On how to promote and implement the standardization of ink-jet printing industry development in our country, secretary general of the China technical supervision intelligence association JiXuan Suggestions, should be the forefront of technology standardization strategic thinking, based on intellectual property protection measures, establish perfect service function, receive timely customer feedback to product information, improve the service standard system.
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