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Ipex2010 new hot - — Inkjet printing, digital inkjet

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Ipex WeiShi, sentiment has been remarkable. As one of the leading printing industry exhibition in the world, 2010 ipex have brought together the focus of the industry. The experts have issued a forecast and insights, especially may appear on the Ipex hotspots and new technology, among them, the inkjet printing will focus on the Ipex exhibition. The personage inside course of study, the application of inkjet printing system technology, appears to be coming is expected in the next 10 years to replace some still dominant way of printing, work process and supply chain operation. Printing and packaging products production, printing, distribution and management way also will therefore have a huge change, and timely deal with on-demand printing, variable information printing and network. After years of development and perfection, ink jet printing technology will no doubt continue towards faster speed, higher quality, better reliability and more economical and practical direction. The good prospect of digital ink jet printing, commercial printing market and industrial printing market, will be a place. In the commercial printing market, we will be more and more frequently see the figure of ink-jet printing system. Such as for books, direct mail, sales promotion, newspapers and network printing, such as large print runs and single machine inkjet printing system ( Including drum and sheet-fed two forms) 。 On these systems, we will also see a lot of new continuous spray printing head, thermal spray printing head, pressure efi print head and the application of water-based ink printing. For industrial printing market, will also benefit from a new type of automatic platform inkjet printer. This identifies printing machine per hour field spray large-format printing paper 100, large print runs, single machine spray printing machine can print labels, packaging and decoration materials, etc. Selection pressure for industrial printing efi print head can more effective processing high viscosity of the uv curing ink and other printing inks. For exhibitors, the Ipex exhibition will see a lot of new technology and equipment, ink jet printer people further understanding the function of the inkjet printer, technology and potential, let people inkjet printing in the future to have a more rational expectations and prospect.
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