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Invisible ink printing machine that allows product anti-counterfeiting technology to rise one more floor


Invisible ink is the color change of acid-base indicator in acidic or alkaline solution. In addition to the acid-base principle of chemical change, other chemical precipitation, redox, wrong ion formation and catalytic reaction can be used to prepare invisible ink. Nowadays, the method of effective anti-counterfeiting has become very popular. The invisible ink plays an important role in the anti-counterfeiting function. It achieves the anti-counterfeiting technology. The invisible ink printing machine prints the required content on the surface of the object, and the manufacturer effectively controls the product to ensure the product. The interests of the manufacturers also protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Privacy is commonplace, and the same secret is also to be private. The anti-counterfeit invisible ink is no exception. The anti-counterfeit invisible ink is also one of the digital printing machine inks. The chemical composition is different from other kinds of inks. The ink has the characteristics of high aesthetics and convenience, especially in terms of cost, and it is only necessary to provide the corresponding ink and solvent. After printing, it is very convenient for the consumer to perform the calibration work. As an important step in the anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeit invisible ink is printed on the surface of the object or the surface of the package by the invisible ink printing machine, which is a labor-saving and labor-saving work. Invisible ink printers can also print invisible barcode printing solutions. Invisible barcodes need to pass through a specific light scanner to read their contents, which is of course invisible to the naked eye. With the development of printing technology, invisible printing will have even greater applications.

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