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Changes in the digital label printing market drive the development of digital printing


A large part of the label is for the fast-moving consumer goods market, and there must be a label on the fast-moving consumer goods to be sold on the packaging. Nowadays, the entire consumer market has changed, consumption upgrades, personalized and scene-oriented consumer experiences have become a trend. Small batches, short cycle, and personalized label printing jobs are increasing. Digital printing technology is constantly updated and iterative, higher production efficiency, wider print range, and more spot color applications have greatly promoted the rapid application of digital printing in the field of labeling. The national aesthetic upgrade has become more and more trend-oriented and trend-oriented. IP combination and cross-border joint marketing have become the popular trend of brand marketing, which also brings unlimited printing space to digital labels.

In the ever-changing market demand,it is not only a tuyere, but also a challenge. At present, China is one of the regions where the label market is growing at a relatively fast rate. The e-commerce consumption model has made the label market environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the automation of digital printing in equipment has become a development trend. Everything is interconnected, retrospective + anti-counterfeiting + marketing IoT packaging provides consumers with a new way of interaction. EM313-W UV color digital printing system, simple operation, high stability, production speed of 50 m / min; its high coverage of white ink and low permeability UV ink, providing a new UV digital solution for food labels, CMYK5 The color system makes the colors more brilliant.

The printing market demands printing equipment not only to buy a certain machine, but to pursue high value-added labels. High-speed production, high-quality quality and resolution, excellent color stability, simple and convenient operation, and strong compatibility are the processes required for the development of the digital printing industry. Compatibility is also seen as a combination of digital printing and digital printing. Combination is the trend, and the application of digital printing equipment in technical combination printing is the direction of the trend.

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