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Investment in high-speed inkjet production line need to think about the problem of _ high-speed inkjet technology, the problem

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Introduction: in recent years, high-speed inkjet printing technology attracted extensive attention of the whole industry. Manufacturers have also launched high-speed inkjet printing system, how to select the system? How to build high-speed inkjet printing production line? How to investment in hardware and software? 1. Inkjet printing system data processing ability usually refers to digital ink jet printing system front-end server ( DFE) , selection from two aspects to consider. One is the ability of software, including variable data processing power, process management, automatic puzzle, image graphic processing of grating ( RIP) , color processing and system status, report, etc. Second, the hardware configuration, such as the kernel performance, graphical interface ( GUI) , network, RIP, RIP server performance and the expansion of the quantity, the storage space and the printer control server, etc. 2. Equipment upgrading of electronic product update cycle is short, the performance of a new generation of products is higher than the products, at the beginning of the digital printing presses is no exception. When clients into a device, also did not draw back the cost, they found that a new generation of devices have come to market, your own equipment to produce a product from the printing quality, capacity and so on various aspects and precision are obviously lag behind the new generation equipment production of products, product sales will also become very difficult. So the investment of equipment is a new generation of digital printing equipment upgrade ability, must be considered an important part of the equipment type selection. 3. Paper media compatibility high-speed inkjet printer need to consider the use of paper to adapt to the range. Which can be used, which can not be, quantitative also affects the quality of ink-jet printing paper category, and using special inkjet paper or paper pretreatment can affect the product cost and delivery cycle, etc. The printing technology? Digital printing art'
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