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Investment in high-speed inkjet printing system software should be examined from the following points to performance. The characteristics of prepress process should have

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Big data processing ability of the high-speed inkjet printing equipment, as a kind of digital printing machine, has the characteristics of flexible. To give full play to the characteristics of flexible high-speed inkjet printing equipment, requires the prepress software system has powerful data processing ability, can be completed with the control input, file refined, color management, puzzle, preflight check, file output. In printing books and periodicals, for example, a typical high-speed inkjet printing equipment per hour can printing thousands of books, a month can produce hundreds of thousands of books, and a short version of live parts, which requires the prepress processing efficiency of the software system also want to match. Fast and effective management functions before printing process should allow users to make your own arrangements for printing work time, at the same time, still can real-time monitoring state of many sets of digital printing equipment, and quickly and easily send homework to any a spare devices. In addition, the classification of the prepress process should also can easily and find the relevant work, in order to quickly and output the same type printing quality. Simple and quick sending assignments and high-speed inkjet printing equipment matching the software process should have digital job submission function, can quickly deal with a simple operation to send the customer name, date of delivery, print copies, paper type and the information such as shipping method. High degree of automation and accuracy of high-speed inkjet printing equipment and printing speed is higher than previous digital printing equipment, greater capacity, printers must give full play to the equipment capacity to get higher. Throughput is very big, but high-speed inkjet printing equipment operation and the requirements of personalized business often leads to more complex set of homework, so if you want to choose the right way of printing, cutting, printing, paper, page size, puzzle, color management, etc. , after work, she will be very large, in order to guarantee the correctness and efficiency, shall be conducted in an automated logic rules instead of artificial operation. That is to say, the prepress process needs to have high degree of automation and accuracy, and can automatically identify and obtain information on the operation and production equipment, and according to the relevant set automatically sent to the corresponding output device, in the process of the automatic processing, complete page layout, error handling, etc. With kodak can express printing workflow, for example, it provides automation (based on rules RBA) Software. Can express printing digital workflow provides from simple to complex configuration, a variety of automated workflow RBA as the core part of the whole printing can express system, supports hot folders, has a variety of trigger mode, can automatic processing, automatic distribution page, automatic puzzle, automatic output, can also feedback errors in the job processing information by email, to remind relevant operators. The RBA enables users to truly realize the end-to-end automated workflow, without human intervention, greatly reduce human input costs, increase productivity, reduce the error probability, etc. In addition, the user can according to the preset rules automatically deal with puzzle output file. For example: after can express printing workflow, users can easily use the rule editor set production rules, then production jobs will be automated. Printing job run -- more than 2000 such as regulation, system will choose printed by offset press, less than 2000 will be by a high-speed inkjet printing equipment to print. Process strong compatibility only maintained a large open a technology, its future development is infinite space. Before printing process must be able to connect to printers of MIS system, by means of JDF or XML files, will import the information to a third party system in the prepress process, or to the feedback information in the process of production, or the XML document by JDF feedback to MIS system, so as to realize the interactive two-way communication, and can output in line with the industry standard operating format file. High-speed inkjet printing equipment is generally based on PDF file input, variable data file is usually PPML format. For most printers, traditional high-speed inkjet printing equipment, printing equipment and other digital printing equipments exist at the same time, prepress process need to be able to support both traditional and digital printing processes, true hybrid printing management. Sometimes, the number of high-speed inkjet printing equipment and supporting post-press equipment will wire production, the software process requires the post-press equipment has a certain support and management functions. MIS system should have the feature of choose and buy to adapt to the high-speed inkjet printing production operation of MIS system, means that we are not buying a product, but in the 7 ~ 10 years, enterprises can have for the future profit growth and to make the important investment. The system should include the network platform, sales order management, automated quotation, data, asset management, production management, warehousing, logistics management, quality inspection system and financial system, etc.
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