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Introduction to various types of inks for inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-07-31

Inkjet printers are important identification tools in many industries. Take food, medicine, cables, pipes, building materials, auto parts, daily chemicals, and electronic industries as examples. Inkjet printers can be used for products in these industries. It is well supported. On the one hand, the inkjet printer uses a non-contact coding method to generate marks. On the other hand, the inkjet printer has a variety of inks suitable for different material surfaces and can form high adhesion. , High temperature resistance, freezing resistance, anti-migration and other conditions, the following briefly introduces several ink types. Alcohol-resistant ink, the color is mostly black, and the color will not fade after soaking in alcohol. When the alcohol is not completely dried after taking it out, the adhesion will be reduced, but after the alcohol is completely dried, the adhesion will not be affected. Retort-resistant ink, the ink color is mostly blue and black, used for food packaging that requires high temperature heating. After cooking, the ink adhesion remains unchanged. These types of inks are mainly suitable for food plastic packaging and cans. Plastic high-adhesion ink. The ink colors are mostly black and blue. It is used for food plastic packaging. After printing, it produces high adhesion to smooth plastic surfaces. It is difficult to remove the printing marks by ordinary methods. Anti-counterfeiting invisible ink, mostly in red and blue, can only be visible under special light sources, such as ultraviolet light. The use of this ink can effectively meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements of high-end products and the anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing requirements of the food industry.

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