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Introduction to the Central Ink Supply System of Multi-nozzle Inkjet Printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-30
The coding equipment of multi-jet docks leads to the nozzles through multiple ink tubes, sharing one ink cartridge, and the centralized ink supply shares an ink supply system, usually called a central ink supply system or a centralized ink supply system.

The central ink supply system monitors the amount of ink in the ink cartridge of the inkjet equipment. When the ink in the ink cartridge reaches the minimum control line, the system will sound an alarm to prompt to add ink to realize the automatic control of the ink supply device. In the process of inkjet coding, the control of ink is an indispensable link in obtaining high-quality inkjet coding. If there is too little ink in the ink cartridge during the coding process, it will cause ink breakage, incomplete or incomplete coding content, so when the ink volume reaches the minimum control line, ink should be added to ensure coding quality. The two-dimensional code inkjet printer for blood collection labels uses this technology. (Automatic ink supply, when it detects that the ink in the ink cartridge reaches the lowest control line, an alarm is issued, and the pump starts to draw ink from another large ink cartridge to supply the ink cartridge for coding.)

Central ink supply system, ink output The guarantee effectively ensures that the coding is always kept at the best effect, realizing high-quality coding, and saving ink; automatic control reduces the intensity of manual labor, and avoids possible misoperation due to manual operation. In addition, the ink cartridge does not need to be replaced, and the waste of time, paper, ink, etc. caused by the startup and debugging after reinstalling the ink cartridge is also avoided.


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