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Introduction: investment six big reason _ digital color digital printing presses, printing, reason _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Production of digital printing technology was born in 20 years ago, xerox, on October 2, 1990 launched a first production digital printing machine; ; DocuTech, it was the main competitor is kodak Lionheart. From then on, there are plenty of new products to make digital printing is becoming more and more cheaper and more colorful. Xerox, HP Indigo, kang and NexPress etc. The progress of the equipment can be said to be visible, but with the rise of inkjet printing, digital printing also gradually infiltrated every corner of the printing industry. Companies such as Canon, konica minolta, ricoh, xerox and products help countless print service providers in the increasingly fierce market competition a success. Investment color digital printing machine of six reasons in order to understand the market dynamic, find out the accurate positioning of digital color printing presses, the United States won the shipping company through the printing enterprises on the market for long-term investigation and analysis, summarized the enterprise investment six big reasons for the color digital printing machine. A, offset printing is gradually turned to digital printing win shipping company last year to more than 300 enterprises inside and commercial printing plant were investigated, the results, 62% of respondents said their digital printing production achieved growth during 2009 to 2009, and 61% of respondents felt the four-color offset printing live a decline. Second, black and white printing to color printing gradually while black and white digital printing in number than color printing, but it did not actually growth, the real growth is color digital printing. According to the forecast win shipping companies, color digital printing during 2008 to 2013 compound growth rate will reach 17. 8%; While the black and white digital printing will during this period by 3. 6%. Three, the number of printing in single living thing is reduce win shipping company recently surveyed the 240 print buyers, found that more than 50% of them live a color printing number less than 1000, 70% of print live a number less than 5000. As a result of the current color digital printing quality has made great progress, so the digital printing technology in the field of short version printing instead of traditional offset printing is only a matter of time. Four, marketing to promote the growth of the customized printing pressure in marketing planning, some companies are often just blindly intuitive. But since the economic crisis, the rules of the industry are changed. Marketing companies will have to find new partners, to help them complete customized, targeted marketing activities. To achieve this goal, first is must to invest in digital technology. Five, the network service paves the way for digital printing services for the media industry has brought new revenue opportunities, printing buyers and printing service providers also gradually realized the value of the network. Win shipping company in 2008 published 'the future of electronic commerce: printing report that two-thirds of printing buyers will purchase prints on the Internet. At the same time, more than half of the print service providers can provide customers with network to printing services. These services are usually is converted into Internet publishing entrance, and the printing is one of the multimedia service. Print service providers can use this platform to provide E-mail and text messages, and to build a set of printing, personalized web pages and landing pages across the channel marketing activities. 6, color digital printing and color digital printing in the Internet to create benefit and combining the Internet can dramatically improve the operation efficiency and profit of printing enterprise, they can let the customer order through the network, reducing the probability of error printing file, and to reduce the burden of printing enterprise customer service and sales. By allowing customers to fill out the order number of type, printing, paper type and post-press processing requirements and delivery time, the printing enterprise production process can be greatly simplified. Had the network to the printing system, print service supply can track live parts, and to provide online status reports to our customers. Customer orders online orders can also be transmitted directly to the digital printing machine or CTP system, without the need for human intervention. Some companies can even by some pre-set template, for remote clients with convenient customization services. Thus, print service providers have become the part of the supply chain, printing and can pass some of the printing service to win the proceeds. In addition, the order of payment procedure can also be integrated into the online working process, so as to speed up the customer's payment, improve the enterprise's cash flow. Conclusion no matter you are a big companies, such as when he was a small printing company, should seize the valuable opportunity to color digital printing, the question before people are actually very simple: either change or die. Long live the day of unify the whole country has already gone, printing customers want yo tonggu small batch to reduce inventory, waste, and overall cost. In addition, we are in an era of information explosion, if you still want to stay in the printing in the industry in the future, we must adopt color digital printing technology, it not only can bring you rich, but also can improve your level of customer service.
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