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Introduction and application of high resolution inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
High-resolution inkjet printer: It is called high-resolution inkjet printer because its printing resolution exceeds 300DPI. In recent years, the application of high-resolution inkjet printers has become more and more extensive. High-resolution inkjet printers are often used in the following products: Mobile phone displays, beverage bottle caps, food packaging bags, medicine boxes, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, circuit boards, chips, woven bags, eggs, brake pads, mobile phone shells, cartons, motors, transformers, Water meter inner panel, gypsum board, PCB circuit board, outer packaging, etc....Leadjie T series high-resolution inkjet equipment: the accuracy of printing does not exceed 150DPI, the printing speed is as high as 180 m/min, and the printing speed It does not change due to the increase of the number of lines, built-in a variety of Chinese and English fonts, print fonts are printed, can print date, time, batch number, class and 1-9 variable serial number and other stored information, each The message can reach more than 200 characters, and both large and small characters can be sprayed. English numbers can be sprayed from one to fifteen lines, Chinese characters can be sprayed from one to eight lines, and various trademark patterns can also be sprayed. The graphics transmission is not affected by the aspect ratio and Any limitation of length can store a large amount of information. The high-resolution inkjet printer is suitable for the surface of metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, carton and building materials. With the Lidejie T series, you don't need to compromise between the limited market supply and your needs. We can meet your various coding, marking and product ID application needs.
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