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International inkjet printing enterprise dynamic inventory and inkjet printing for the future development trend of _ printing equipment, transformation, printer

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Takeaway: inkjet as a can obviously decrease the short version live and on-demand printing production cost of technology is crucial for the whole printing supply chain, it can bring a lot of new opportunities to printing enterprise. With the constant progress of inkjet technology, inkjet printing will also become more and more popular. Statistics show that in half of the global total scale printing market in North America, annual income growth of 70% from inkjet printing. Inkjet printing has a huge market potential, and will continue to heat in the printing industry. Between 2014 and 2019 global market for inkjet printing will maintain rapid growth, according to smithers pie, new research shows that global inkjet market from 2014 to 2019 period of strong growth, annual growth will remain at 12. About 7%. Advertising is still the inkjet printing an important market, but by 2014 and 2019 in inkjet market share will drop to 58. 7% and 46%, and packaging market during 2014-2019 average annual growth rate will reach 15. 9%, and has huge potential. Global high-speed inkjet printing the size of the market in 2017 will amount to 67. 3 billion dollars in the current challenges traditional printing, inkjet printing in the high-speed growth, has attracted many manufacturers in the industry. According to the global packaging, printing and paper industry consultancy agents-the company report: global inkjet printing the size of the market in 2011 is about $33. 4 billion, to reach $67. 3 billion by 2017. 2017 asia-pacific industrial inkjet accounted for 53% of global market, according to the British Chambers of commerce for 13 years, according to data released in 2011, $1. 5 billion global industrial inkjet market, reached $1. 9 billion, 2012 could rise to $7. 4 billion by 2017, the rate of growth of nearly 31% a year. According to the 2011 and 2012, according to and other liquid ink now inkjet market 70% of the total weight of about $1. 3 billion, and this number will rise to 74% in 2017 about $5. 5 billion. India 2015 large format printer market income will exceed $30 million, according to the international well-known research institutions, ResearchandMarkets new study India 2015 large format printer market income is expected to total $31 million. The report says, at present India's large format printer market revenue mainly comes from the mandrel printer, but in 2015, is expected to platform printer's revenue growth will be more obvious. The growth of the market segments in the industry, textile printing market is prominent. Ricoh European companies will work with the Netherlands Leapfrog, January 21, the world-renowned ricoh imaging and printing company ( Ricoh) Announced that ricoh Europe has cooperate with Dutch Leapfrog, 3 d printer maker. Since January 2015, ricoh Europe will be within the scope of the European agent for the sale of Leapfrog company CreatrHS3D printers, and other types of 3 d printing products. Beautiful printing giant will buy 20 HP inkjet printer in recent days, the giant Quad/Graphics printing companies in the United States announced a strategic investment plan, plan in the next three years will be installed 20 or more HP inkjet rotary printing press in order to realize its book printing business transformation and upgrading. Company plans to buy five this year new HP high-speed color inkjet printer, and will be in later this month in the factory is located in Kentucky Versailles installed. The rest of the 15 or more number of printer will be installed in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Israeli companies create big glass printing machine in the world an Israeli company is specialized in digital printing in the glass design, built the world's big glass printing machine, printing area of 60 square meters, the glass printing machine total length of more than 18. 3 meters, can be an area of 60 square meters giant glass printing digital design, therefore also won the guinness book of world records; ; The title of the world's big digital printing machine. Man Roland cooperation with inkjet printer manufacturers mann Luo Lanping zhang printing systems co. , LTD and Germany's industrial marking code equipment manufacturers REAJET company, joint installed on the suction lose cardboard new inkjet printed sheet code device. REAJET company develops and manufactures industrial contactless hit target code and marking system, the product series include inkjet printer, laser and inkjet marking system, labeling solutions, as well as ink and consumables. Impika to fully explore the printing market in Asia in November 14, 2014, xerox's Impika press conference held in Shanghai Impika entering the Chinese market, launch Impika production-oriented ink-jet printing system, the system in terms of image quality, printing speed and flexibility are dominant, can fully meet the needs of print service providers and boost its grasp the market opportunity. Automobil printing net
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