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Inkjet technology ranking of the exciting show parade

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
Industry as the direct embodiment of industry economy, the exhibition brings together all the exhibitors products and solutions, recently, the 2013 European international labels show organizers said the parade of inkjet technology, for the industry is undoubtedly will be the advantages and disadvantages of each type of ink jet printing technology. Comparison is made the same label on the same substrate with different ink jet technology, it will be a challenge! In the 2013 European international labels exhibitors, six lists of inkjet printer manufacturers will conduct inkjet technology. Participating enterprises will adopt the same prepress equipment on the same printed materials demonstrate label printing food, medicine and industry. The six home inkjet printer manufacturers including DurstPhototechnik, DominoPrintingSciences, EFIJetrion, EpsonEurope, HeidelbergLinoprint and StorkPrints. Esko will provide the required documents, color management software and die cutting software; UPMRaflatac, FLEXcon and Herma ordinary paper, film and bronzing film; Xeikon, as the representative of powder technology, also demonstrates the production with the design of the label. 标签& 标签
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