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Inkjet rotary printing core technology won six breakthrough new technology

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Do not use a special paper, also don't need to do a paper preprocessing, fully automatic machine to complete the entire printing process. Sue core technology r&d inkjet rotary printing enterprises, the flow to improve printing quality, greatly shorten the printing cycle, the small batch printing cost reduced to thirty percent, with 6 items. Yesterday, is located in suzhou high-tech zone of suzhou stratosphere information technology co. , LTD. In the workshop, the ongoing high-speed inkjet cycle repeated debugging of the digital printing machine production line before shipment. From paper into the folding plastic loaded into a book, high-speed inkjet digital printing machine realizes automatic one complete cycle. Printing speed up to 150 meters per minute, every minute can produce 1010 pieces of A4 double-sided printed sheet, can produce 1. 45 million pieces of A4 double-sided printed sheet every day. Said the company's managing director luo, high-speed inkjet cycle have improved efficiency of printing digital printing machine not only, also save a lot of labor cost, before printing takes plate making, ink, pressure and so on more than ten working procedure, we cut to 2 procedure, only need to three people. Luo said: high-speed inkjet cycle characteristics of digital printing is short cycle, low cost, make & lsquo; Increases with the increasing printed book, without waiting for & rsquo; Become a reality, realizes the books & lsquo; Zero inventory & rsquo; ; In small batch printing, the cost is about one-third that of traditional printing. In order to adapt to market changes, the company vigorously promotes the technical research. According to introducing, high-speed digital inkjet rotary printing machine is using UV ink for on-demand inkjet printing, don't use a special paper, also don't need to do a paper preprocessing of digital printing machine, rotary inkjet core technology has won six rotary printing authorization. China packaging printing industry network
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