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Inkjet printing rapid development prospect _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Ink jet printing is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate. Electronic information stored in the computer, input ink-jet printer can print. Inkjet printing, it is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate. Electronic information stored in the computer, input ink-jet printer can print. Inkjet printer, inkjet controller, by the system controller nozzle, substrates driving mechanism, etc. Ink in the ink jet under the control of the controller, from the shower nozzle spray printing on substrates. In accordance with the requirements for printing, drive transmission of substrates, the system controller is responsible for the whole machine operation. Ink jet printing, according to the colour can be divided into black and white ink and color ink jet; According to the divided into synchronous inkjet and asynchronous inkjet inkjet manner. In recent years, the short version of the ink-jet printing has a high quality printing, personalized printing, its good economy began to show the charm. In terms of speed and cost of inkjet printing has better advantages and traditional printing technology to compete in many applications, but also can increase the value on the limitation of the printed this is staggering. Inkjet printing application range is very wide, it can make color transparent or opaque image, also can make proofs books, newspapers, and color image proof, etc. , if the inkjet printer in communications equipment, but also for long-distance transmission of graphic. In recent years as more and more wide, the dimension of a inkjet printer with inkjet printer to make large-format printing is widely used in advertising posters, etc. And thanks to the resolution of the ink-jet printing. She is very high, the resolution of the printing quality close to the picture. Ink jet printing is possible to break through the existing high quality production of digital printing technology. For example, in terms of efficiency, with 4 sets of the current high volume of color digital printing machine one day to finish the work, get a ink-jet printing platform, may be as long as two hours to finish. Opportunity is really in the compression of efficiency, cost, and increase the ability of new product. Many offset press manufacturers transfer of the ink jet technology to ready-made platform, but this trend continues will not be too long. Inkjet printing takes a lot of money, but its development speed is so fast, so that it can be seen as a purchase to buy computer system, rather than to the configuration of the traditional printing machine. It is believed that today's books, bills, marketing materials, paper, packaging, and even photo albums, these had used other areas will be in the next five printing technology; 10 years using inkjet printing technology, more important is the alternative process of offset printing technology. Although there are many challenges, but opportunities significantly greater than the problem. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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